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Royal Signals to ETS

I am thinking of transferring from Royal Signals to ETS. Can this be done as LE ?
Any other advice on ETS would be welcomed, I have just started the process of contacting the ETS recruiter.

Yes it can.

search for the DIN on the t'intraweb. It details all you need to know.

First off, are you in possession (or could you be) of a Honours degree? It is a show stopper.
I do have an honours degree. I have sent my email now with all my qualifications so fingers crossed.

Can you offer any further info.

Apply as you would for LE commissioning, you need to have proof of an (Hons) degree, Level 2 Numeracy/Literacy, minimum rank of Sgt, selection board is in May, and an absolute recommendation for commissioning from your CO, with at least 2 CR's stating the fact, Oh and if you've got all that, and you're lucky enough to go to the board, they only take 2 a year, 3 if you're lucky. Good luck

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