Royal Signals Techs, worth the pay or not?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by shell_scrape, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Everybody hates them for thier quick promotion, high pay band etc, but what do you really think. Now is the chance to really let rip into them, or conversely give them the praise they deserve!
  2. That will be the same pay band as practically every other trade in the Corps now.

    Can I also say this is getting really boring can we please make this the final Techs versus the rest of the Corp thread and move on.

    Thank you!
  3. He never writes. He never phones. Not even a fcuking text!!!!
  4. He don't love you like I would Honeychild........ 8)
  5. Well who's the fücking serious one. Sorry for miss understanding ARRSE for 'Serious moral and religious fücking mothers debating fücking group' so i guess you are a tech then.
  6. Boring thread.

    Done to death on a number of occaisons.

    Pay and promotion both mute points now. So only be jealousy is left now.


    Jimima_Shark what is that in your avatar? Is there a bigger picture of that anywhere?

  7. I think she? needs a real man, comes home stinking of ale and urine, does the fosbury flop into bed and performs like a race horse on speed!!
  8. Belt fed wombat springs to mind :wink:

  9. Sorry but ARRSE ≠ SMaRFMDFG!

    And yes I am a Tech thank you for asking!
  10. It's a painting by Salvador Dali I can't find a link to it at the moment but when I do I pass it on.
  11. Well obviously i am not and therefore am exempt the niceties of the English languge, like being able to make gay abbrieviations, sorry for my inadaquacies(or however you spell that)
  12. Well yeah. :oops: But now he's back in BFG an' he don't write, don't eMail, don't phone, don't text. Fcuking Sigs Techs!! :cry:
  13. Well you cant please everyone, cünt.
  14. What was a self respecting Sigs Tech doing in Bovvy? (I mean the town).
  15. :) My bold. Why just techs? Why not YofS, Spec Ops, Officers?

    Do you think that linemen who are not strong enough to static steer a Bedford ERV are worthy of their linebelts? No, I didn't think so, but I've been called away from a job more than once to move a Bedford for a liney trying to reconfigure the diamond. And do you know what? To date, I haven't started a thread about "Lineys - Shæt aren't they?" This is due to the fact that we ( the techs and the lineys ) worked together. Now I accept that this is more common in smaller units, and by the sound of your posts you have spent your ( short ) career in a Regimental line bay. When you've worked with some techs that aren't wånkers, then you'll know what I'm on about. And yes, I've worked with some "old school" lineys, and I got on with them too. 8)