Royal Signals TA take a beating

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MrTracey, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. The Corps has just lost 65% of it's TA on a whim from the centre removing any possibility of operational support to the regular element. See the Reserves Review announced today.

    12 Signal Group, 33, 34 and 35 SR's along with probably at least another 3 from 2 Sig Bde look like disbanding before the end of the year.

    As a 'volunteer' I am sure many of you will have served with the TA - given of your time and effort to support and enhance the Reserve piece - and will no doubt share some of the disbelief, disappointment and sense of waste being felt across the Reserve community.

    Certa bloody Cito.
  2. Don't really know much about the TA world! But it sounds bloody tragic to me.
  3. Mr T. I know this has all been covered and I can't face reading the review just yet, but just to confirm; is re-roling on the cards?

  4. No re-rolling, TA R Signals have to loose 2425 PIDs / posts apparently very soon. That's all of 12 Sig Gp (33,34,35 plus HQ elms) and then a further 1200 odd posts from 2 NC Sig Bde; effectively three to four Regts.

    Apparently we are no longer required and there are sufficient units/strength remaining (~1500 TA R Signals) to do the job...
  5. Had a great time serving with the TA. Really good bunch of blokes and like a good piss up too. But after the way they have just treated my missus, they can go fcuk themselves. Especially the fat cnut of an OC Sqn (hope his job goes first)!
  6. That's quite a cull.
  7. Aren't you making the assumption we're near to being fully manned... Is that the case? I suspect its not. How many 'regiments' would really have to be culled to reach the 1200 pax mark...

    So much for being BOWMANised. I'm surprised 2(NC) isn't being culled entirely. My view, also as a member of 71 Sigs Regt (I might not be able to say that a few weeks hence) is that we've been lacking a purposeful role for too long.
  8. Assumming Regt strength is usually around 420 for manned unit, TA Regts sit around 350, we (71) are about 340 if I recall correctly, then 1500 does equal about five Regts. For us, wait out, the CoC is on the ball and working hard to ensure we have a future; and I think we do as the London Signal Regt.
  9. obviously the gobermint thinks because everyone has a mobile phone now there is no longer a need for a seperate secure network of sorts.

    Its a sad day..!
  10. What a bloody disgrace.

    Never tell them I said this, but some (by no means all) of the TA geezers and gals I worked with at 40 were the most commited individuals I have ever met. Hopefully they'll be safe but you never know.
  11. This fucks up the Regular Signals as well. We will now lose at least 3 RSM positions, numerous SPSI jobs oh what fcuking joy. I think I'm going to become a dentist in the RADC with a dodgie qual from the internet. No fcuker will check and I heard dentistry is a little like changing a split rim on a Bedford tyre :roll: .
  12. Their has been a distinct shift in ethos recently, we are to aim for overseas ops not UK ops - so BOWMAN now a biggie not an after thought. A move in the right direction, which appears to be down to a change in supervisor - we don't have a 'on my way out Bde YofS' anymore. (Won't say anything more about the old one in case the missus reads this)
  13. they said that about the TA until Gloucester turned into a giant pond. Then 39 got mobilised and the UK Ops thing took hold again. I'm sure the Gov. will be perfectly happy until somebody does something 'clever' in the capital and it all goes tits up for the blue lights, and the TA's comms side has been half disbanded and half tasked with something else.

    It's always the same with our government, unless they can physically see something on their doorstep it's not even a possibility, so they can go ahead and burn all their bridges and it's fine. All fine, that is, until it does happen, at which either a) everything goes wrong, or b) they re-instate it at 100x what it would have cost to just not get rid of it in the first place.

    take the amount of land we're using that used to belong to us and now we have to rent it because the government's great money saving idea was to ditch it, as a good example.
  14. No need for TA Sigs... recent changes ... 22 Sigs .... go figure. One Army regular!
  15. It is but this is all part of the re-structuring to Campaign signal Regiments and putting the resources where they are needed the most!