Royal Signals Sgt Mess Dress Wanted

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mac1234, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi all I am looking for a second hand Royal Signals Sgt Mess dress, about 36" waist and 44" chest or there abouts. if anyone can help please leave a message and i will send you my contact details. thank you all for your help

  2. pmd you
  3. Why second hand?
  4. What about the grant?
  5. The grant only covers about 2/3 of the price brand new due to all the retailers upping the price since the grant came out.
  6. yep thats exactly what i thought and called a few on the phone
  7. You can have mine for a reasonable price, if you live near The Shot. It's not been used for a few years but saw 17 years of hard action. Ahem.
  8. Mine is for sale too, pm me with yr details
  9. i have one you may purchase. complete with sabre wings
  10. in Bournemouth has them for £550. I've checked with the wife, and according to our records, this price hasn't changed much (although admittedly I got VAT off being BFPO).

    I heartily recommend them... why. Because the service the owner, Antone (sp :? ) is second to none. He will knock off VAT if you are eligible AND bill you over 3 months to help your finances (or at least he used to). And his service is brilliant. The kit is outstanding too, in terms of workmanship. I send my medals back to him to have them mounted (mini AND full size).

    If you're going to join the most exclusive club, and get a grant, you shouldn't look chip shop when you get there.
  11. Fcuk off walt :roll:
  12. I've got one you could have bud! It comes pre-vomited and i believe there is still a good sized lump of brie in the inside jacket pocket.
  13. Check last 3.....
  14. And? I've been away for a bit, is this not a different username of the same?