Royal Signals Rowing


At present i am helping to run the Royal Signals Rowing Club.

If anyone out there within the Corps is interested in taking up this sport then please email for more info.

The current plan is to hold two seperate week long training camps which will be over the first two weeks of April 07. These camps will take place at Dorney Lake, Nr Windsor. Other training will take place over weekends.

I stress that this is open to those new to the sport and those that have experience. ALL will be made welcome.

Many thanks for your time in reading this post.

Sounds good spec140, I'm very interested.
I here Windsor is a cracking night out. What about putting this advert on the announcement section just above. Good luck with your recruitment.[align=justify]


Yes, TA can definetly play.

Everyone is more than welcome.

Some TA guys and gals have already tried and will be more than welcome alongside regulars.

Hope to hear from you all soon.



do you know that a Army rowing skills course is on 28 May to 8 June 2007. I think that it is open to all skill levels and a mate of mine who went on it and said it was one of the best courses he went on. No bullsiht and very laid back!


As its the boatrace today (1530, ITV), im adding this to place it back on the index page.

Any queries then either PM or email me at

Next training camp will be held on first two weeks of June in London.

Thanks for reading,

Is this a well timed bid for the Sigs to take over the role played by the once mighty and feared Royal 'Navy'?


We'll have to see if the Navy turn up at the right lake this year.

Given their performance recently .....
I heard that the Navy patrol boat was actually in Iraqi waters.....................
It was the Wrens arrse that strayed into Iranian waters!

I'll be there for the Rowing Camp it sounds like a good laugh.
I anticipate a problem for the Navy at the Joint Service Regatta this year not only are the coxswains 14 stone munters but on the starters call of "ready" they will anticipate cocking weapons and immediately surrendering. Could pose problems. Does Dorney have sufficent prisoner handling facilities and pie wagons?


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