Royal Signals No.1 Dress

I am getting married in May and i haven't found anywhere where i can get No.1 dress from. The fat tw@ in Elmpt clothing store gave me the big Foxtrot Oscar, and said "Nein ju vill hav to vear your number 2 dress, ve don't issue ze von dress any more........." which is where is stopped listening. And the Clothing store Fascist in Herford owns all the kit himself. I know the kit is out there as others have been married in No.1 dress recently, but where??? Any one help?? I can't ask the other guys as i'm on ops at the moment, and can't get hold of them
A friend of mine had a fancy dress wedding, I went as a pirate, and yes, I did swing from the chandelier with my cutlass (panga) in my teeth.
Best fecking wedding ever!
Unfortunately, I cant help with your blues. Sorry, I'll shut up shall I? :oops:
Hi Bed surfer to the rescue.

I got married in signals No1's last year got them from JHQ after going there and back for 6 months and tried on the final fitting and they were a disgrace so don't worry and they never gave you the gold lanyard white bet or gloves if required either.

The place I found was excellent but it does involve travelling.

Try Medway Medals sorry can't remember the web page or phone No it was 18 Months ago they'resituated in Gillingham and it's near an Army camp I had to drive down from Manchester. It's off the M25 and follow the motorway that heads to folkstone.

They give you the lot for rent for the week. I think it's about 100 pounds but well worth the money for the way you look on the day. You'll probably be better off if your better half to be gives them a call for you they normaly only need a week or 2 but the more notice the better. You will need to go in for measuring as they have a very good reputation and they will not do everything by post. But like I said phone them and they will help you in anyway they can.

Hope this helps and good luck. :)
Medway Medals thats the place, they do mounting of medals as well which are not the bad at all compared to garrison tailors. They also sell a fair selection of ammo boots and, down the hill and round the corner, on the left hand side of the street is a cobblers thatll resole and stud them, and for an extra few quid bees wax them, not to parade standard but certainly a good start.

Try the QM(A) at 30 Signal Regt Bramcote Nuneaton. They've got loads in th clothing store and the tailor is pretty SH*T hot.
I got married last month and got my NO 1's from JHQ Rhine garrison QM's
You only get the jacket and trousers but my clothing store/tailor did my rank, medals etc. Boots belt and gloves i had to borrow from another cap badge. hope this helps.
Getting married in blues is a winner for the average low esteem type squaddie ( not a dig at the thread originator ) and the reason is thus;

I attended a wedding in Grantham 15 years ago and as instructed by the groom turned up in No. 1 dress with the appropriate rank, medal and qualification badges etc. However, two other guests from the R. Sigs turned up looking like Hollywood generals! They thought it would be a wheeze to "upgrade" to para and commando trained heroes, increase in rank, and add on the ultimate fanny magnet.......GSM and N.I clasp!!

I will not name the two losers but in 1989 they were serving at 4 ADSR Herford, both were Welsh, one was a Cpl tech ( good swimmer ), the other a Siggie rad op. I've never seen them since so have not been able to carry on the piss taking and disgust at their tiny c o c k antics. Non of them pulled either but a few old blokes were enthralled by their tales of modern day
heroics. :evil:

P.S I obtained my No 1s from what was 11 Sig Regt at Catterick. It cost £60 for the tailoring and hire. The deposit was £10................ Obviously I still have them :D

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