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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Germanybhoy, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. With the closure of sunny Blandford in the not to distant future, i for one am wondering what will happen to the Corps Museum. Back in the early 90s i remember being totally screwed over. The smashing SSM at my Sqn at the time gave us a choice either pay a monthly donation towards the build of a new Corps Museum or you will run charity events every weekend to raise funds :x . Needless to say even when it was built i still found myself paying until i finally found a clerk who could get it stopped. So my question is will we build another at our new home and will every corps member be asked yet again to dig deep and run more charity events. :?
  2. Blandford will not be closing. The hope is that another large Signal regiment will move in and it will remain the home of the Corps.

    Try not to worry :)
  3. Hope ? By that I would take it you mean 7 or 16? as i cant think of any other large Signals Regiment moving in the future.
  4. I'd expect it to move to the new college, so the phase 2/? will be able to have a gander.
    Maybe we should ask is it good for recruiting (/CAPE) to have the museum in such a remote place?
    As a lad I visited two WFR museums which built up an interest in the Army and when I turned 17 I joined them. Our corp museum is far better than both of these put together (but probably visited far less).
    I reckon we'd get a far better return on moving it to a Norther English city such as Derby or Leeds (& move the local army recruiting centre to the same location). Both of these cities have strong connections with our Corps - 30 Sigs was originally a TA unit in Leeds and 211 Sig Sqn was originally TA unit from Derby.

    Many of the exhibits also come from Yorkshire, it seems when the Museum was in Catterick it had a lot stuff of donated from 49 Signal Regiment/Squadron

    Geek bit :

    WW2 1st and 2nd Air Formation Signals Regiment formed in Leeds in the 20's - Leeds also generated 46 & 49 Divisional Signal Regiments, 211 Sig Sqn came from North Midland Corps Regiments recruited from Derby(shire)
  5. Why would it move to the new college? That would mean every other Regiment or Corps in the Army, Navy and RAF would also want to go there. That's a lot of museums. Remember that St Athan will be a "purple" training college, an amalgam of virtually all the other tri-service trg units. I seem to recall that there will be a sizeable community in the region of 30,000 people "on campus". The last thing that Metrix (the training "partner" will want is some other organisation on their land trying to make some profit).

    I reckon it's a fair bet that both the museum and SOinC(A) will stay at Blandford when DCCIS moves to St Athan.
  6. Not very one army, the museum should come back home
  7. Where are they moving to?
  8. Come on chaps, They hope to move 14SR to Blandford, possibly 1 Div and 16SR if that fails.

    There are other bidders for Blandford once DCCIS leaves. As it stands I beleive the home of the Corps is in no position to move so will remain no matter who moves in :)

    However nothing has been ratified, these are Corps aspirations AFAIK before you go off the deep end!

    Do none of you listen to the briefs? :wink:
  9. Were briefed? Bugger, missed that.

    I always thought that the museum would be better placed outside the wire, probably get more visitors.

    1 Div moving to Blandford? Who started that rumour???
  10. You never know, if they put another unit in there they might actually spend some money on the WO & Sgts Mess and make it something a tramp might actually consider staying in, rather than the absolute disgrace that it is (or rather was last time I was there).

    If 14 Sigs go there it might happen, they seem to enjoy spending £1000s on cosmetic improvements to the camp (walk ways, new signs, road markings etc) all the time while the field squadrons remain in hangars I wouldn't keep pigs in.
  11. sounds like SOPs prior to a camp HOTO back to civvies. If its anything like previous lost locations the married quarters will all be upgraded to bring them to the lowest civvy standard - in preperation for some imigrant scum to move into.

    Singly accomodation will be left to rot as it will be raised to the ground anyway to provide new ammenities to the immigrants :x
  12. Hello there, always nice to meet a fellow cynic :D
  13. 14 Sigs moving to Blandford? Does that mean they'll have to work Fridays now??