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Afternoon all,

I'm currently playing the waiting game before Phase 1 (joining Royal Signals as Electronic Warfare Sys. Op.) and I just wondered what the deal with languages is.

I know it's not a requirement for the role, and as far as I can tell it seems that I'll be working with interpreters, but do you have the opportunity to learn foreign languages after Phase 2?

I've been learning Russian for the last few months, can read cyrillic, can have a conversation at basic level etc etc - will it all go down the pan when I join or are their possibilities to further this? Not a problem if not, just curious.

Cheers in advance.


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Not in the Royal Corps as a trade. Look over the wall to the Int Corps if you want to be a professional linguist. There are language roles for which you can volunteer, but they're E2 - i.e. not directly associated with what you do for a living or your cap badge (and if you're in a highly specialist employment, you'd probably not be sanctioned for release to these roles).


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Once your "in" then you can take the MLAT Modern Language Aptitude Test, this once passed will stay on your file. The language courses are run in beconsfield.

Why russian? have you thought about Dari / Pashtun? - more relevant these days.
I don't know really, just always found it interesting.

I'm up for whatever, really!

Cheers for the info. :)


The advice is good. Go and see the education centre and ask to do the MLAT.

A score above 80th percentile (not %) is a good score and is really needed to get on one of the long courses at the Defence School of Languages.


It will not do your R SIGNALS career any good.

As also said above, if you want to do languages then go Slime.


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