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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. There were various threads relating to this in the past but that was relating to the "old" dettys and Staffys courses.

    Has anyone recently been on one of the above course, its 5 years since my dettys and now its time to do my SCLM like a grown up.
  2. PM Ancient. He did his JCLM last year, which I think was the new course. Can't help SCLM though.
  3. I did my JCLM last year and has moved away from the “old school” detties course and more geared around current Ops.

    So expect to pass a CFT off the bat on day one (so get there early and pre-packed!) and lots of classroom based stuff (values and standards, orders process etc).

    Obviously there were the two FTX’s – one “in camp” for a 24 hours warm up and orders giving/receiving, harbour drills etc. The 36 hour sleep deprivation ex is a killer – this is when the SCLM joined us as our Troop Sgts…..LOTS of running around for everyone, up and down hills so get in shape now. The Platoon attack at the end was immense (expect more running about if you get the short straw as Platoon Sgt) smash your CASAMM drills and general adminy points because that’s where you’ll earn your money. Fortunately you’ll get a “warm down” period after the FTX in the form of the tab home…

    Nothing in the way of comms really except everyone lugging around the Bowman manpacks and LOTS of spares and ancils.

    Proper good fun though, very challenging but very rewarding. I’m looking forward to my SCLM already (if and when I ever pick up).
  4. Its 2 weeks, just get fit and get on it. Just be thankful you don't do the regulars one as its 5 days sleep dep on that one!
  5. So they still carry the radio's around then, wonder why?
  6. Good for you, have you passed it yet ?
  7. Of course, well, I did the regulars one.
  8. and the difference is? - no thats a serious question - I know the CLM for some regular courses had to all intent and purpose become the same course (the TA only lacking BITS/MOI which everyone had done anyway)
  9. And the duty rumour is that the Signals Lance Jack is going to be a course, to align it with the regulars. (not just a given, or Regimental-run cadre - an actual residential course).
  10. In 34 sigs, the word on the street was that the lcpl course or PJNCO course would be 2 weekends run concurrently at Brigade level
  11. Yeah we were told something similar on our JCLM, except possibly a weeks residential. Obviously better for most if it's over two weekends but from personal experience, I think it should be run and graded by an external party rather than in-house.
  12. Well, as you said, we do a DIT course, and also we do PD19 on it. Also we get twice as many PLDs and we spend 5 days in the field as well as a 5 day 'shakedown' on camp before we even deploy onto the exercise. Trust me, if you think 36 hours of sleep dep is unpleasant, try getting your command appt on day 5 when everyone is zombiefied. Thats not a whinge, thats the comparison you asked for. I loved my CLM, it does sift out the fatties and whingers that only came off the board because they either sucked off the boss or cried because they didnt get recommended and got their SJAR changed.
  13. What is PD19 ?

    Cav is it PAYD if your'e on a course ?
  14. SOinCs Policy Directive 19 is instructor selection. All NCOs going through CLM need to do it now. If you want to go to a phase 1, phase 2 or Sandhurst post, and its an important tick in the box to get past SSgt rank, you need to be recommended off the PD19 board.
  15. Yeah it was, but you can also get a half decent meal at the cafe/bar at the top (near the "cinema").