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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by rmcben, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    Jsut wanted to get some info about joining the sigs as a coms system operater, where do I do phase 1/2 for how long? What will I be doing?

    Info for the interview really, and for my own peace of mind, knowing what I'll be doing will be good.

  2. Phase 1 (CMSR) - Pirbright, 14 weeks. (Where did those extra 2 weeks come from? Are those the "you're all fat knackers" weeks?)

    Phase 2 - Blandford, 28 weeks.

    See official pdf thingy here.
  3. Try the Royal Signals website and endless threads

    also maybe try to use the search feature: it gets left out oh so much

    Oh and you'll be using radios and communication devices most likely 8O

    (yes i'm pi$$ed off because i've not been getting my oats)
  4. Thanks for that Idrach, what else would i need for my first interview by the way?
    Do i need to know about the history of the corps?
  5. Frankly, I have no idea - I've never been in your position nor have I done a Recruiting Officer job. Try PRC-349's suggestion. There is a very brief history of the Corps on the army.mod website.