royal signals info please?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by madtaff, May 6, 2012.

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  1. hi all,

    i am joining the royal signals, have my start date as 25th june, i had chosen electronic warfare operator but missed out by two places and so now i am going in as a communications systems operator, my question is mainly is there any extra info that anyone can give me for phase 1 and 2 for example is it worth getting a second smaller wash kit to use in the field etc?, also would very much like to know if later on in my career i would be able to train as an ewo? I am more than happy to be a comms operator, but seeing as how ewo was my initial choice i feel that it would be something that i would like to look into.

    thanks all

  2. I would get yourself a 'field wash kit' together... Just a small version of everything.

    Don't dispair on the EWO front. Work hard get your Op qual up and then you never know, the postings out there, and little niche roles are legion. You will no doubt find a fun slot somewhere.
  3. thanks Chocolate Frog, much appreciated!
  4. My personal opinion is that although you will indeed need a second smaller wash kit (and numerous other things), don't waste your money buying stuff until you get there. The Permanent Staff will tell you EXACTLY what you need, so you don't end up buying rubbish that you don't need. You should have been given a kit list. Buy the essential items that it says, but don't bother with the desirable stuff. You can get that later when you need it or decide that you want it.

    The one piece of advice I would give though, is don't bother wasting money on a shit iron. Buy one of those big steam generator things. Yes, they're expensive, but it will save you much time, not just in training, but for many years afterwards.

    P.s. I have served at a Phase 1 trg establishment, so this info is gen! Enjoy!
  5. many thanks, I believe there might be one of those steam things around here actually, yeah my recruiter won't give me a kit list for another two weeks yet, she said it will be the most up to date then but I felt that the more info I get now, the better prepared I will be later, hopefully.
  6. The recruiters know what they are doing trust them. It's good you want to be prepared keep that attitude at Phase 1. As above I've been an instructor at Phase 1 and what you get there is what you need. You will be told the rest once there with time to get it.

    Couldn't agree more on a top iron. You will need it otherwise you'll spend twice as long ironing and will end up replacing it quickly! Always remember "buy cheap - buy twice"
  7. And name all your KIT!!!!!
  8. One of my favourite examples of buy cheap buy twice is the shite daysacks that the Corps Museum sell to all the trainees! They quickly get relegated upon arrival at a proper field unit when said Signaller realises that a Camelbak Motherlode or Berghaus Munro is the current ally flavour of the day rather than some wanky effort with a Jimmy on it!

    I also used to see trainees turn up day 1 week 1 with all sorts of gash that they either didn't need, or was just crap. Use the issue tissue until you know what good kit actually is, then buy it when you need it.
  9. The best i saw was a lad that turned up with what he had on, and a tesco bag with his tooth brush in a some socks!!!
  10. Bet he was either a total mongoloid, or an turbolegend. No middleground there, like!
  11. to be fair, he was skint and didn't have a clue.
    He ended up being one of the top blokes and pissed all over the ******* that thought they new everything.
  12. So a legend then! Nobody likes the ex-cadet tosspots who turn up with chest rigs and think they know it all!
  13. Ex cadets!!!! I shit em comments like "but but when I was a cadet, the fat instructor told me this was how it was done" *****!!!!
  14. Had a fair few of them. Thankfully a few had been told beforehand to be good but quiet rather than a know it all!