Royal Signals in Infantry CIS Platoon

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cop1234, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Heard today that a meeting at LWC Warminster in the last week has confirmed that Royal Signals soldiers will be intergrating into infantry CIS platroons. The orbatwill consist of 1 x ssgt to act as BSM and the rest as det 2i/cand RLDs.
  2. We already have intergrated BSM's and back up BSM's so why a Royal signals one, and what and how many other Royal signals soldiers will be coming in. Is this just for ops or all the time.
  3. I take this is Bowman System Manager not Battery Sjt Maj?
  4. RP578

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    Already been thrashed out on the Inf forum here:
    "Scaley Sigs Plns" Thread

    With the final word going to Joker after 4 pages of willy-waving;

  5. Will these posts come from the Royal Corps or will they be at E2 from the ICS Stream who already manage BOWTAG, BOWMAN SST and various other ICS posts around the Army?

  6. R sigs BSM's are no different to inf BSM's execpt when employed at formation so why do we need one at sub unit level.
  7. Oh ffs groundhog day....
  8. As I understand this, HQ SOinC(A) has been asked by HQ D Inf to look at the possibility of manning Signal Platoons in Inf Bns to release Inf soldiers to do what they do best - close with and kill the enemy. The Corps is not currently scaled nor organised in a way to do this correctly at the moment and it will require some restructuring to achieve. Stand by.
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    Nothing new really as in the 1980's Scaleys were attached to man the rear link!
  10. Signals used to be on Rear Links with Inf, Tankies and even Arty. RSigs are still used in Arty regiments.

    As mentioned, The Infantry can be realeased to do what they do best,a nd the Signals can do what they do.

    Bearing in mind as newer technologies come in there is going to be a surplus of tradesmen in the Corps.
  11. to add more fuel to fire on this one, we have just had a brief on the potential potential disbandment or re-role of units. if it went ahead (18 month timescale) we may be used as RL dets for inf battalions

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  12. I currently sit at a Bde Sig Sqn and the word on the street is as of yet manning has not been decided, but D Inf has bought into this concept in a big way. There are a number of concepts that are being thrashed out as to where the manning will come from.

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  13. I disagree there is not enough manpower in the close support Signal Sqns as it is, and that is with the advent of Bowman. Arty still posess a RLD Sgt as to REME, and when NI was in full swing Inf Bns used to get one too. Inf CIS plts are very good at what they do and will not be released back to general infanteering. The manning of these posts has yet to be decided upon and there are lots of numbers being brandished around.
  14. 260+ soldier from the corp (live bodies, not 'liability')

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  15. Ladies and Gents,

    Talk of disbandment/re-roling of specific units is not particularly helpful at a time when actually HQ SOinC(A) has yet had a chance to look at nor discuss options with HQ LF and any units concerned. There is still, I suspect, much more water to go under the bridge on this issue before it becomes clear and distinct.

    Whilst appreciating that this is a "rumour service" could I ask you not to speculate on the disbandment or re-roling of any particular unit at this time as inevitably it will only set the hares running and cause disquiet and misinformation at all levels.