Royal Signals Golden Hello

Can anyone in the G1 world point me in the right direction.

I have just completed a trade training course in the Royal signals and passed making me a Communications Systems Engineer Class 3.

I read a recruiting leaflet that promised a £1250 Golden Hello on completion of said course.

Problem I would like solving - I have spoken to the pay/admin clerks @ Blandford who told me they that everyone who passes this course (and Communications Systems Operator) will receive the bonus however must wait until a DIN is published by Worthy Down.

The DIN will have info about the bonus and how to claim and was supposed to be published May 09 (end of).

Does anyone know anything about this, anyone got the DIN reference and 3. how do I collect mine?

Cheers guys hope someone has the answers.
You should have been given a golden hello certificate, they've been around for ages now. No cert, no money fella.

If you have the cert, pm me your clerks name and I'll send him the fax number to send it off to.

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