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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Nil-desperandum, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. I offer this post purely as a passionate football man who simply wishes to see selfless dedication and effort recognised by a wider Corps, and whilst I honestly do not expect to see any remedy soon, I would be content to learn if other, like minded, individuals share my observations.

    Although I retired some years ago, I do still subscribe to our Corps magazine and accordingly scour the WIRE to read, in the main, about the sporting prowess of my Corps. Generally there appears to be a good smattering of reports and photographs. However, despite an unprecedented past six season or so, which has seen our Corps football team dominate the Massey Inter Corps League, the Quadrangular Competition and which has seen a Royal Signals unit win the Major Units Challenge Cup (3 Div HQ & Sig Regt) I have yet to observe those tremendous achievements recognised with a WIRE front (or back) page team photograph.

    Granted this season has seen a dip in the overall performance, but that is simply down to our huge commitment on operations. I don't restict my concerns to my sport and add that any significant sporting triumph should be similarly recognised. I'm prepared to be corrected, but I seem to recall seeing one team photo adorning the front of our Corps organ since Apr last year and it wasn't our Army Cup winning team either!

    It would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity, whilst I'm on the subject, to say how proud I am of our sportmen and women and in particular our high achieving Corps football team. Well done.
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  3. necro bump

    Interested in finding a family friend I grew up with, who was, a apparently a big cheese in RCS footy in 90s

    Just heard his old dear isn't long for this mortal coil

    drop me a PM if there are any open links I could peruse

  4. PM sent.