Royal Signals FAM visit 5/6 March.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Yorkshire Lad, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have just had my place confirmed on the visit and wanted to see if anyone else was going. If anyone is interested in booking a place for Signals FAM visits, it seems to be a pretty empty list at the moment. I asked my ACA about setting up the visit yesterday, got an email from Signals last night, replied this morning and 5mins later I was booked on.
  2. I'm booked onto this.
  3. I hear the signals do a very good set of command tasks. Treat them as practice for the board!
  4. Sounds good, I rather enjoy command tasks as a good combination of agility and innovation generally allow for more than one solution so it's a good chance to show potential. I'll pay careful attention to the ones at Signals.

    Thanks for giving me the heads up.
  5. Recently attended Signals FAM visit... No command tasks on my visit.
  6. Thats a downer, hope they haven't done away with them.
  7. I've got briefing on tuesday, I'll see if I can't get myself on a visit :)

    What did you end up doing moduk?
  8. Trying to keep as brief as I can, since I'm typing on iPhone:

    First day is mostly briefings with lots of opportunity for Q&A, then head to the mess for dinner & the bar. You might find yourself playing drinking games like we did until 2am!

    Second day is PT at 0630 (think I was still drunk), breakfast, then a look around the FOB. A quick run from FOB to assault course (maybe a mile?) then a few runs of the assault course before back to mess for quick shower, lunch and debrief.

    Nothing to worry about really. Happy to elaborate should anybody want more details.


  9. Thanks for the details, any info on how challenging the PT is?

    Cardio is my weakest area, however it is coming on in leaps and bounds - I just want to ensure that I am 100% ready for the FAM visits as I don't want to appear as if I'm not taking this seriously.
  10. The PT is easy as long as you are not unfit, and is an easy way to shine. What surprised me is how unfit some people turn up to these visits. You can really see how they weed the competition out. Fam visits have all types, briefing just over 50% of people passed the beep test, but main board, hardly anyone failed. I know this is the way it should be, but I was surprised by the lack of fitness of some, especially on the fam visits.

    Also on my Signals fam visit, we did a log race which was excellent fun, and also three command tasks.
  11. A log race sounds perfect for my areas of fitness and I would love to have a go at one to try and shine at it. I actually failed my beep test at briefing, partially because of getting injured by some oaf on the leaderless tasks, but also because I had worked purely on running at a good pace and neglected to consider the difficulty of launching out of each corner and how different that was to running. I learnt my lesson though and got cracking with training the calves. Quite thankful for my 3month Phys actually as it's given me plenty of time to really get training!
  12. Quick question guys, how far along the recruitment process were you when you booked onto the visits?

    Have you already passed briefing or do fam visits come before?
  13. I did my fam visits before my brieifing, some told me I could attend after briefing, and some will only let you go I believe once you have passed main board.
  14. The simple answer is that it is dependant on both your ACA1 and the regiment you wish to visit. For instance, the RA ask that you have already passed briefing before you attempt to book your FAM visit with them, similarly my ACA1 said that he would not put anyone forward for a FAM visit without them passing briefing and being near main board (If you got 12months+ deferral he wanted you to wait until you are in your final 6 months). Just ask your ACA1 how he likes the process to get with his applicants and then at least you'll have an accurate answer.
  15. Is this not telling you something fella?