Royal signals dress regulations

WO2s don't wear brown gloves.

It's an occifer thing, along with brown shoes and cloth capbadges. That for some reason or another has be usurped by WO1s, along with them buying a set of mess dress on the off chance they'll commish (and receive the moneys for it) or just wear for their last few years.

I had great fun on my Drill Course when a gunner stripey turned up on the course with a set of brown shoes he'd been leant by a WO at his regiment. (29 Cdo btw). Don't get me wrong they were very highly polished...
Cavalry regiment QOH as was, S/Sgt wore brown shoes and addressed as sergeant major.
Out on a country ramble this morning & saw a bloke wearing brown leather gloves.

Said to him, “oi, wherejagetthemfuckinggloves whatareyouafuckingwaltorsummink?”

I wasn't in A&E that long... a few stitches and a fair bit of bruising but apart from that, I think I got away with it.
Yes it is you mong if I organised the parade and both of us in uniform ******* crap hat

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Why would you be in uniform if you are a civvie?
Because I organised the parade for the community and I am ex RLC civi/ veteran

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That still doesnt explain why you were wearing a uniform, other people manage with a blazer.
That still doesnt explain why you were wearing a uniform, other people manage with a blazer.
... and a beret or regimental equiv. Thinking of the usual Remembrance Day march past on Whitehall, servicemen & women wear uniforms and civvies/ex service persons wear civvies head dress and medals if appropriate. Even the ex officers wear civvies, bowler & brolly and medals.
Look this isn’t really important. Black, Brown, White, Green knitted gloves etc

The crux of the matter is did you have a good curry lunch or were sandwiches and other finger food served afterwards?

The horror.
Last night approx 1800 in Amesbury Tesco there were x3 RSIGS and one was perusing the bacon section with his left hand in his trouser pocket.

I was going to say something but then realised I am not AGC.


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I think the more important question is sleeves up, ally, or down. The fallen find this sort of detail important.
I can't wade through all these pages.

As a civilian, can I wear Black shoes with White socks and Brown gloves?

The Constable said I had to put more clothes on.

I'll get my coat, ha, I'll get my coat SWIDT?


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An RLC wallah calling somebody else a crap hat? Hmmm seems legit. Calling it as Spider right now. Why would two civilians be in uniform?
Dressing up day?


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Pink wafers probably.

Or this:


This makes CAS & CASWO look like a pair of hetero tigers.

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