Royal Signals Det Commanders Course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by watto135, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. Hello

    Help required please, looks like i will be going on my Det Commanders course problaby this year ( i say proabably has they are up in arms weather i have to do it due to qualifications held when i was in the infantry)

    so i am just after seeing what the course consists of basically & if there is any body on here who has been down & completed it in the last year at all

    any help will be appreciated
  2. At least two in your Squadron have just come back from theirs.

    As per infantry courses, Junior Brecon counts but Regimental Signal Detachment Commanders doesn't (or its equivalent these days), the signals one is more about infantry tactics than managing/running dets.

    p.s. I think their is a bit about it on ArmyNet
  3. Did it in the last year along with a few other arrsers, first week is mostly classroom based with SAA, NBC, BCDT, Drill, usual stuff, plus Methods of instruction which is a waste of time as everyone already has BITS/DITS and preping the TP wastes valuble drinking time. Also there is test on taking a squad for a simple drill routine, brush up on your commands and its a peice of pish.

    The second week is field based quite tiring in the respect of little sleep physically not too bad, expect a few command tasks and section attacks etc and command appointments rotate.

    The staff are ok (most of them), just remember to get in the bar, and don't lick arrse otherwise some twats will shit in your trench and skiff your pillows and drinks!!!

    Ive created a wiki page so anyone feel free to add

    oh and its now R SIGS Corporals Course

  4. Ummm thought it would be what you said WNB has thats what i heard slightly concerned that this means i will be doing th course for courses sake then,

    first week will be pointless for me, i am a SAA instructor, a CBRN Assistant, BCDT Instructor & also completed the first week of the drill course but got injured on the second week,& of course bits qualified, orders i dont have a problem with firmly planted in my Head & orders book, as done numerous infantry wekends as section commander - 2i/c so not concerned with that.

    just not sure about the course now hate courses for courses sake, when i went on trade camp first 12 hours iwas comcen supervisor as a class 3 trainee & on cnr phase went out with a 4 techs & decoded & encoded 1 batco message & sent & received one message in 12 hours, rest of time spent not doing a lot or teaching a couple of the techs batco & dont want to do a course just to attend it, could use the 2 weeks better somewhere else, i think
  5. Watto,

    why would a tech need to know batco. Surely there are plenty of SPSI's, Yeoman and operators to do menial tasks like that!!

  6. Hey certo know what your saying a lowly operator like myself can do it but for some reason thas what they had to do to pass the course, in fact the it was a TA Yeoman from over the border (scotland) that took the det on its exercise. and he nearly forgot to debiref me said to all the techs this is what you had to be able to do, send a message receive a message tune in a radio, & encode & decod a batco message to pass. then he was gonna walk away so i sadi what did i have to then yoeman he said who yes you dont worry you didnt have any problems & that was it...

    mad heh but can you see the my point
  7. Yes it is pointless, if you don't want to get promotion don't do it , simple really
  8. Yep BATCO is a class 3 ICS Op objective, however everyone should be doing basic VP on their BSS.

    Wato, from the courses you've mentioned your probably going to have to do the course. If RoboBitch is still down at Blandford your gonna have loads of problems trying to convince them otherwise. As an intelligent corps I was suprised how at times it wasn't. You can however go and do junior Brecon, being in RSigs doesn't stop you from attending it.

    You'd probably be amazed at the amount of stuff I've been taught and never ever used. The worst course (in NATO) is the class 1 for your Sgts, complete waste of time and space (reteaching things already taught or teaching ancient drills), learned more studying for the entrance test than anything else.
  9. Go down, do it, get pissed on your time off and walk away top student.
  10. or get pissed get an ok report without arrse kissing and be able to look yourself in the mirror, and not be universally hated!!! the choice is yours!!! Devillish and polar69 know who i mean, the guy who walked away with warts on in face from all the exercise ring pieces that were wiped on all his pilows cutlery, glasses mugs etc.

    on a serious note watto if you do go down dont admit to having all these quals otherwise or you will end up babysitting the course useless splitarrse
  11. ^That is probably a better idea.....
  12. Watto wrote:

    Firstly you are not ready to go on it with a fcuking shit attitude like that.
    Secondly, as Polar says, if you want promotion do it, but as you are way too above it, stay where you are, you are probably much safer to everyone else in your present rank.
    Thirdly, if you spark and decide to do it, just mention how good you are with all your instructor titles, I am sure the DS will give you a by on most subjects and give you an easy time.
  13. Yeah just as mentioning your ex infantry the DS especially the lovely S/SGT "your worse than my cat" will bring you breakfast in bed and let you sleep in on a sunday.
  14. ^ I'm sure "No sh!t S******k' will take him under his wing.....s;-)
  15. First of ducati not above it has id give everything a long time ago but since changing jobs more time needs to be given to my civvie employment than the TA so i can uses my time somewhere else, secondly the SPSI at unit has said that with those course i have done i dont need to do it so just trying to get a feel for the course thats all, seems a bit daft really, thats all in this latest army i am entitled to have an opinion as you are, & express it, why do the courses if all you are going to keep getting tuaght the subject over & over again, seems pointless does it not to do the courses in the first place. thats all