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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. Having been to several units that had up and running screws messes I can't get my head around the apathy and, in some cases, hostility towards the formation of a Cpls mess in signals units, from some people.

    One is slowly getting off the ground in Blandford at the moment, I believe, but what are your thoughts on them?

    The two camps of thought seem to be as follows...

    1. Good preparation for the real (ie Sgts & WOs) mess, good chance to chat about things going on in the Corps'/Regiment/Sqn.

    2. Why do I want to drink with those t1ts. I don't want to pay for it. I want to drink with my Siggy mates.

    Anyone else have any thoughts or opinions on Screws messes?

    Are there any Signal units out there who have up and running messes?



    PS I hate to sterotype but it always seems to be the younger screws (esp techs) who are of opinion 2, and the older screws (esp lineys, EDs and Storeman) who are of opinion 1. Any comments?
  2. I am a younger screw, but I'd still go with Option 1.
  3. As a screw I was a member of 3 Cpl's messes, obviously in different units. Enjoyed the meetings and functions we had. The only problem was that the messes did not open every night, come to think of it they only opened for functions and meetings. Therefore every night was spent in the Naafi. When at 1 mess they tried to introduce nightly opening, that was a failure because it was not supported by the Lcpl's and Cpl's, they wanted to drink in the Naafi to be with the "Boys" as such. That idea went soon out the window as did the Mess.

    The only way to get a Lcpl's and Screws mess up and running is to open the bar everynight, have a good committee and have monthly functions. This bit is important, you have to bar the screws from the Naafi, this I know will get peoples backs up, but I believe it is the only way to have a successful Mess.

    Is the Mess going well at Blandford? 8)
  4. Just thought I'd bring to your attention in 1989 (As I recall) at 7 Sigs (then in Herford) voted to disband the Cpls Mess. The reasons given were tha fact there were strong Sqn Bars at the time and therefore the Cpls could associate with both the LCpls and Sigs and the SNCOs.
  5. Go to any infantry battalion and you'll find they have Cpls Messes run along the line of Sgts' messes. Personally I think it's a good idea, aside from pre-Sgts' Mess education. It's not a case of Old farts and young scrotes but more a case of being JNCOs at the end of the day. At the moment it seems there is no difference between Sig-Cpl in our Corps. All mates together. I'm afraid that when it comes to it, familiarity breeds contempt and unfortunately there's a lot of it about. Everybody's mates until the crunch. I don't think it's fair when one day you're on the p*ss with Sig Bloggs and the next day you have him on the sh*t list. That is both for the Sig and the JNCO. I think a Cpls Mess is a very good idea and should be resurected in all units (dependant on size/role of course) not just a Blandford. Afterall, it can only act as a filter to stop the (ultra) modern few who think the Sgts' Mess is an old farts drinking club from gaining entry into the Mess and (yet again?) trying to lower standards and watering down good order and discipline within the Corps. I have been and still am in the Mess since about 1988, I'm a little grey on the sides now but I have a cracking time, get lots of serious business sorted out, have maintained the balance between what's in and out so far as trends go in relation to entertainment , socialising outside the Mess, and more importantly maintaining an interface between those outside the Mess and in the officers mess. If it was started earlier in the Cpls Mess, the JNCOs would develop much earlier and really learn what it means to be a JNCO, let alone a SNCO or WO. Constructive comments only, I can take the p*ss to and I'm fcuking good at it as I've been around a bit!
  6. I was an infantry JNCO before my scaley days and the Corporals Mess was for all JNCOs - even the local lance jacks (mainly RP staff really) - not just full Corporals.

  7. As full Cpls they have to face the fact that they are being viewed as potential members of the Sgt`s Mess.

    If they want to stick with their roots and be "mr popular" with all the toms then that is exactly where they will stay. It is too easy as a Cpl to stuck in a comfort zone.

    A Cpls mess promotes a healthy enviroment for NCO`s where they can "network" themselves away from all those 15 year siggys who think they are the king of the bar and its funny to set alight their farts etc. :roll: When the badge finds all the NAAFI toilet seats ripped off for the 3rd time in a month as Cpls you will not be in the cross hairs.

    All you have to do is show a little commitment, there are plenty of rewards for running a succesful Cpls Mess.
  8. Nice one Disco! And I'm sure PD agrees to!
  9. I am off to bed, just wanted to say zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

  10. Damn right, young padawan. For a mech, disco is one astute dude.

    see...that's what happens when idiots take heroin and post messages on arrse at the same time. ladies and gentlemen of the jury I give you.....a class 1 nosher! :lol:
  11. Hmmmm, time to stick my tuppence worth in!

    I had the unfortunate experience of being a Cpl's mess member at 3 Div when it was in germany, late 80's early 90's. The CO and RSM at the time declared that all JNCO's were to drink in the Cpl's mess and not in the Pig's Bar.

    Now, I understand and appreciate what DISCO is trying to say, but it is not as easy as that. Let's think about it. The way the singlies accommodation works is that you are all lumped in together in the same block.

    When I was at 3 Div you had 3/4 man rooms regardless of rank. This meant that as a Siggie, Lance Jack or even full screw, you could work all day together, live in the same room, but not be allowed to socialise with each other!

    Can any sane person explain to me how this would work without creating any animosity. Yes, you could all go down town, but this meant that the Cpl's mess would always be empty and totally negate the reason for having it in the first place.

    My only answer to the whole argument would be not to have a fully functioning Cpl's mess, but have a do every now and again for JNCO's only. This would create the peer group that DISCO is suggesting but without completely alienating the people you have to work and live with.
  12. What about having the screws mess open to JNCO's Monday - Thursday and on a Sunday afternoon? That way there is a seperated identity and the NCO's get to drink with the lads at some point. Wish we had a screws mess at my unit.
  13. Darth_Fokker wrote

    "When I was at 3 Div you had 3/4 man rooms regardless of rank."

    It's up to the CO et al, to ensure this doesn't happen. What about a block only for Cpls, with other blocks only having a few Cpls, in bunks, for block NCO.

    Anyone remember 237 at Hullavington? massive 20 man rooms all split up with wooden partition walls, that didn't go to the ceiling!!!
  14. Totally agree PD stone the Nonce, I am sure his village must need him back very soon.

    I agree with a Screws mess it is a very good breeding ground and it keeps that little bit of distance from the toms enabling good discipline to be maintained. However some units have a Full Screws only mess, dont agree with that as there are some tasty Lance Jacks Nockin' about.
  15. from reading some of the messages a screws mess in blandford would have its good points , and i agree if the cpls live with the sigs and lcpls then it makes it hard to have that division between cpl/sigs......
    someone said all cpls in there own accomodation , and a few left as block ncos.......good idea........but we dont have enough blocks in blandford .........could move screws into sgts mess z type !!!!!!!! yea right ,i wish....