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does any one know what its called? ive tried google etc but i cant seam to find out.
Pretty in pink?
It's bone questions like that, which prompts puerile responses. It's a march, not a bloody song!
Hence why I wrote this N_D:

The Corps march is 'begone dull care' IIRC.
We used to sing a song about the signals to the tune of "halls of Montezuma"

We are the Royal Signals, and a very fine bunch are we,
The only time you'll see us is Breakfast, Dinner and Tea

Can't complete the rest as it's rude and I'm trying to be above such things
Or, as I've heard some say, "beyond all care".
I'm not an RD, yet even I knew where to look!

I've included a small element of etiquette because quite frankly I'm fed up of being told to stand up for the Corps March at Messs dinners!

As extracted from the relevant Policy Directive:

19. The Regimental quick march for the Corps is known as "The Royal Signals March". This march is based on the traditional airs "Begone Dull Care" and "Newcastle", the current arrangement being that made by Captain C Pike, Director of Music and authorised in Supplement to the Minutes of the 90th Meeting of the Corps Committee.

20. The Regimental slow march entitled "The Royal Signals Slow March, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal", was specially written for the Corps by Mr R R Ricketts, Musical Director of the Royal Signals Band from 1926 to 1939.

21. When a Corps march is played, officers and other ranks should remain still in whatever position they are at the time and should keep silent. When playing a march, the band should remain seated if already in that position.

However the fanfare for Billy Smarts Circus would most likely be more apt at times!


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monkeyspanker said:
"Nellie the Elephant"?

.......Oh, no, that's just me! :wink:

".....Packs her trunk and says goodbye to the circus......."
Believe it or not, that was actually the Corps march for the old Royal Pioneer Corps. Made them look dead hard when passing out in Bassingborne alongside the Infantry.
JT0475 said:
I thought it was...
Get 'em down, you Zulu Warrior.......

:D 8O :D
That much loved little ditty is actually sung to the tune of the Royal Engineers Corps song 'Hurrah For The CRE'. But seeing as you are our b@stard sons, we'll let you share it. :wink:

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