royal signals corporals course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by benidormpat, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. about to go on this course, anybody give me a clue on course content etc.
  2. ask polar69. No doubt he will pop up shortly
  3. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Ask your Unit. Oddly enough there will probably be the odd person in your Troop who's done it before.

    Ask your PSI. He/she can probably show you the training objectives.

    Mind you I daresay someone who's done it recently will be along soon.... :roll:
  4. Beware it has changed recently, i think what scaryspice is trying to say is ton't take what those who did it years ago for granted
  5. Have you not had joining instructions for it yet Pat? The training objectives and basic course content is covered on there
  6. As with all things R.Sigs, forget about trade - just run!!!
  7. There will be no trade training on there, it is purely infantry skills based so make sure that you can tab for England. Revise your section battle drills and if you can go over orders and the 7 questions before going just so you are familiar with the content.
  8. And learn to love log runs, CFT's, sleep dep and fam up on TAMs (apparently)

    See you there!
  9. is that the one in may?

    ill be on that!

    its a fair drive down from aberdeen! 10 hours i think...argh!


    lots and lots of running about and nae sleeps all i know so far
  10. no it doesnt
  11. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Cpls' course also sometimes called Det Comds course (mainly by those who did it years ago!) is not a trade course at all. It's the military skills course that the TA Corps requires of our JNCOs before promoting them to Cpl.

    It will (by early 2009 - though actually it's well on the way already) contain all the aspects of JCLM(V) - i.e. command leadership and management - which pretty much sums it up.

    Joining instructions don't give course content detail but should tell you what to take. The amount of field kit should be a CLUE that it's not a totally classroom based course!

    Come with a reasonable standard of fitness (you should be able to do the CFT with no trouble - not the case on recent TA mil courses I understand) and with an understanding of section battle drills and basic infantry skills.

    Be prepared to work hard and have some long days (and nights!) Most people enjoy the course and find it worthwhile experience - and you need it for promotion...

    Good luck.
  12. I must have dreamt that part then, was probably being a little bit optimistic about that. Seems to be a fair few of us Arrsers on this course then, should make for an interesting 2 weeks :D
  13. tells us to take an indestructible cup though!

    itll just be a case of us all trying to work who each of us are

    hmmm...wonder if thats that guybrush dude...
  14. You shouldn't be that hard, I'll look out for someone who's trying to hide an afro under their beret!
  15. I did the TA RSIgs det commanders course 2 years ago and its changed since then as Scaryspice says, all I can offer is that its bleeding hard work, a recent student told me that she did 2 field exercises and lots of physical fun. Dont expect a day off, you can expect a CFT or a march and shoot, intro to the nasty assault course, lots of fire and manoevre and warry stuff.