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Royal Signals Corp

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Hi there,

I am looking into going into this regiment and I want to gain some feedback about the RLC. I am in a telecoms / it support company at the moment so the signals seems a relevant choice plus it appeals to me.

This is a bit of a general question i know, but are they a corps which is proactively recruitig at the moment, does anyone know??

also, has anyone been in / got experience on the RLC?

Any other info about this Corps will be appreciated.

'Wah Shield Down' Google Royal Corps Of Signals and Royal Logistics Corps, then come back after you've done your own background research 'Wah Shield Up'
The reason PG is saying do some research first is because Royal Signals and RLC are two seperate Corps, you ask about Royal Signals in your title but I presume mean RLC Communications operator (Radio Operator)....so do some research on both then come back and ask the specific questions you require.
It's not the Royal Signals Corps.

It is the 'Royal Corps' of Signals'. A slight distinction, but a distinction nevertheless.

If you are in Comms/IT in your civvie job you may find the 'Royal Signals' more to your liking than the RLC. Lots of capbadges have their own Comms and IT specialists, but not many support them very well and have the 'through life' career structure.

What do you do at the mometn?
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