Royal Signals Career Courses - Stay or Go!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by IS Ski Geek, Mar 19, 2003.

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  1. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Ok so there is a bit of a debate going on about the lengths of the various military element courses with in the corps. What do you think.
    Should the courses be binned, shortened in length, extended or just left the way they are.

    Vote with your fingers - Press that button now!!!!
  2. if they did a proper job in training at ATR and in the fields unit training wings then these courses wouldn't be needed???
  3. Lets face it if a tech or operator going FofS or YofS passes his dettys and Sgts course he is looking at a commision. If you remove the carrer courses wont it mean every class three leaving Blandford will be a Captain some day if they hang around long enough. Im not suggesting YofS or FofS courses are easy but we are a tad undermanned at the moment.
  4. Me, i think they should of kept it the old way. At least the soliders knew were they stood and what they had to do to pass the course.

    It seems that every course is getting easier for the solider 2000, so that will one day make the british army as bad as the american army or maybe even worse!

    Why don't they just leave the system alone, as we've been winning wars for centurys. so clearly its been working in the past, sack the civi's thats trying to dictate how an army is ran and read the history books.

    It shows already what the solider 2000 is like and frankly 80% of them are a waste of space.
    Its a big circle and it's ruining the army!!!!!!! :'(
  5. I would have to agree that making these courses shorter and easier is a false economy.  When I did my Sgt's course, only 22 of the 44 who started actually passed.  Only about 26 actually finished!  It was supposed to be hard.  If you were weak, you were weeded out.  This is the natural process of selection that happens in nature every day.  The weak are weeded out and the strong go on to lead.  This may seem like an archaic and neanderthal view but I believe it to be true.  When you passed the course, there was a great feeling of relief and achievment and people respected that.  Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to fail and every pathetic war dodging cripple and waste of space is getting promoted.  It's no wonder the Army is in such as state.

    You can guarrantee that it is the bean counters who are responsible.  A shorter course means a cheaper course!!

  6. What they need to do is design the course so that able bodied and the downgraded can do.

    I am sick to death of downgraded people not doing career courses and the able bodied blokes who do attend get marked down in their career.

    Downgraded need to do something, how can they get promoted just for having a laminated sick chit.

    Red Blooded IS Op ........ and I am bloody annoyed
  7. What about integrating your RSCC into the class one?
    It will reduce the time a soldier is away from his unit, and will also teach him how to use Mil skills with his trade, Def of a comms site shit like that, I know people are set in there ways but this is called evolution, if we kept thing the way they where hundreds of years ago you would be watering your horse not POL your wagon!!
    Just a thought ……….
  8. Give it time chaps - wont be long before you have virtual promotion courses, put disc into playstation and follow instructions etc.

    I have been out for quite a while now, but it is basically the same whinging going on now as then.

    Get the ones that are good at their trade, who have respect for and from others of all ranks, can lead, and instruct others then promote them.

    In my day it was all to do with sport and fitness, play for the corps or above would guarentee at least one if not two promotions, then all of a sudden we had a backlog of promotions as all the deadwood who were no good at trade or leadership held the others up when they reached their promotion ceiling and left no vacancies in certain Regiments due to their sporting prowness.

    Comming back onto thread now (sorry)

    Having Courses lengthend or shortened will make not that much difference, it is what is being taught that counts as far as I am concerned
  9. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    MMMM Seems like somethings have not changed much then.
  10. Good topic, but unfortunately the debate as to wether they are staying or going is a bit pointless really.  The Dettys and Sgts course are being replaced by the CLM (Career Leadership and Management (I think)) course.  This is happening as we speak guys n gals.  Example, do many people actually realise that this year every Cpl and Sgt (not sure about ranks above that) in the corp, as long as they have been in rank 1yr+ and have a recommend, will go on the board wether they are qualified or not.  (So, no Detty and no EFP makes no difference), then when the board has sat those that are selected will then be priority cases for the new CLM course.  This included people that are downgraded, if anyone permanently downgraded is selected their case will then be reviewed in light of a waiver.  I think that if a waiver is granted they will have to do the CLM course without the physical aspect.  Many other corps have been running career courses for downgraded personel for many years, it just appears to be the Royal Womens Auxillary Bumper Corp (R.Sigs) that are so far behind the rest of humanity.

    So, Everyone for themselves this year people, I can see some really interesting board results .... keep your eyes peeled  ::)
  11. This puts certain elements in a very bad position. If the Sgts course is being replaced with a tree hugging/quilt knitting course and you new you were on a course before this change isent there a tendancy to say "bollocks to that". Wont people just go sick until the until the People's Relationship's and Interfacing Instructors arrive from the States to run the course. :mad:
  12. A valid point and one which will become apparent more as the new courses develop.  Its all a load of arrse if you ask me
  13. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    so you can now get your third tape by passing the RSJCC and waiting to go on your EFP1
    even though you are an admin case
    and don't deserve it
    what a load of arse  :mad:
  14. There is quite a few people, who have done their threshold test. Who keep putting in efp course app after course app to their squadron.

    Because of the back log in the system they can't get on a course as they are not deamed to be a priority.

    This not mean they have bad admin, it means the system as bad admin..... and until they sort it out I am in favour of promotion before EFP (as long as they have passed the threshold test and are awaiting the course)

    Red_Blooded  8)
  15. I ll probably get the PC bullet for this one, but one of my biggest gripes whilst in the mob was the amount of uselless lasses that got promoted just to applease the statistics...

    When I was at div, there were a few of us that stuck our hands up did lanyard trophy, cambrian patrol, where always up front on PT worked hard out in the field and yet some pie munching lass that was on a biff chit who's most physical achivement was getting out of bed came off the board and to make matters worse had no intention of ever passing or attending detties (in one case one lass lasted a week!)

    I m not just having a dig at the girls or the sick, lame and lazy but the standards in the corps seem to be like a limbo pole, lowering every five minutes...It would seem that this is a fruitless argument as the future has been decided in course terms but there needs to be line drawn when it comes to maintaing standards on courses and in units..

    Ok I know i ve opened a can of worms here, and yes there were a few girls who did genuinly deserve getting promoted before you saturate me with PC arrows!