Royal Signals, but which trade?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RDAB-89, May 4, 2010.

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  1. Stating the obvious, Royal Signals is where i want to be.
    Now after finally pulling myself from the hilarity of the Lonely Hearts forum and the wiki, i have actually got round to writing this.

    Im currently 21, male and English, and have been working in IT/Telecoms for around 3 years now, installing Servers, MS2003/08, various software apps and hardware faults/maintenance.

    Because i was hired at the Hybrid of the company i also do alot of Cat5/Cat6 cabling along with installing DP's, Network points and PBX's. (The idea was that i can go on site, install the actual network infrastructure then install all the hardware without anyone else needed on site).

    Ive had a look at some of the trades within Comms/IT but kinda torn between a couple of them.

    Anyone here able to suggest which i would most likely find enjoyable, i prefer to hear these sort of things from serving people/people who dont just want to get me into the military in any way possible.

    I enjoy tinkering with hardware more than software, however im more than happy to sit behind a screen watching analytical data or such.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Use your IT skills to locate the buttn and enter Coomunication Systems Operator and Tech as those two trades seem to be along the lines you are most interested in. CS Op you will get to tinker with masts and use IT so it's win win.

    (Don't be a tech, they are reclusive cnuts who no-one likes :wink: )
  3. You won't get to do any of that as a CS Operator.

    Comms Sys Engineer (or hybrid geek/tech as it's also unaffectionately known) is the way forward if that's what you're interested in. The job involves maintaining IT/radio/telecomm systems by tinkering with both hardware and software.
  4. Do they still have Terminal Equipment Techs? Hammering teleprinters is the way to go (or todays equivalent!)
  5. Ace, cheers guys.

    Ive searched the forums and most topics about CSE usually ends up in a flame war between CSE and CSO, which is rather amusing to read i must say!

    Is there really such a difference between the two other than of course, one fixes shit the other breaks shit. Logic assumes the one who fixes is usually the one better off. Would be great to get some opinions from both CSO and CSE serving members about their own trade!