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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by John4, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Just a thought being quite new here, how many are members of Royal Signals Assoc. I have been a member for some time and I think they are always on the look out for new members.

    Taken from their site.

    'If you participated in the Days Pay Scheme while serving Life membership is free!

    For those who did not participate a 'one off' contribution to the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund of £10 is all it costs for Life Membership.

    Each member will receive a RSA Life Membership Card, Serial Number and RSA enameled lapel badge.'

    This is my first post on this sub section so I'd also like to say hello to all.

    Ex 7 Sigs after short tour at Krefeld, replaced by a computer there. Couple of short tours to SHAPE to work in Comcen there. Early to mid 1970s service. Cheers.
  2. Pray, can this be worn alongside my Cold War and Battle of Sennelager Naafi Medals?
  3. Of course you can if you've purchased such walty bling. However I find it looks better alongside my veteran's badge at the RSA weekend.
  4. Good ol' Chodders, I'd dearly love to be a Member but all my spare time is spent in my
    'Garden Emporium' practising my C70 Path Profiles, one must be ready, you know, Ivan
    is regrouping and now there isn't even a Wall to stop 'em.

    4 Armd Div is already secretly reforming, we're located, at the moment, under the
    rolling Wiltshire Countryside..........and we have all been issued with the 'Long Gun'
    and 10 Man Rat Packs.......fcuk off, I've got all the Compo Sausages!

    We need C50/C70 Techy types, you up for it?
  5. I'll tell one of the guys here at work - He's Ex Sigs, about 79-88, mostly in Germany. I know he peeks on here now and again, but hasn't joined yet.
  6. I was up to speed on C50 and C70.

    What's it got to do with the RSA though?
  7. Nothin' been a Member for yonks but it is Sunday, hers at work and I'm bored!

    We are not recruiting Techs who look like Red Dwarf Moggies, you'll frighten
    Ivan off and reduce our chances of blatting the Sub-Humans with 7.62mm Disprins.
  8. Shame. I've not got the Sennelager gong, although I spent enough time on the area on Harrier excercises.

    I've got a couple of bars on my Pop's and Eddie's gong though.
  9. Top man, were you with Harriers when TJ was the SSM?
  10. 21?
  11. If you mean the TJ that I think you mean, he was SSM of 1 (REMF) Sqn. ;-)

    I was there 82-86.


    Yep, 21.
  12. 'Fraid not, I was a lever bender and couldn't get my head around valve theory let alone transistors. If however you can get your hands on an old BRUIN Auto 40 or Auto 20 I'm your
  13. Had an Auto 40 and a 64 on flick, as well as a 6Channel.

    RR techs. Multitaskable :)
  14. Time line is right, he came to 22 Sigs as my Badge. I was at 21 Sigs mid 1983 till early 1985 but with ACPO at Rhine D. I too qualified for a REMF
  15. I did a little bit of work in JHQ on the trials for the BFBS link to UK. The Starrnet tower building that I did the trial in was my Sqn Office when I went back to RheinD for my 3rd tour at 16.