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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by kiz, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. kiz


    Hi there new to the forums, have my medical with my doc in the morning!

    I had applied originally for VM in the reme however i have been looking more and more at the royal signals, basically i dont think my heart is quite in the VM as i first thought. I'm 25 and have been to uni and done a degree in interactive media production (websites and all sorts) i left uni after 4 years with a Higher cert in education and not my full BA degree.

    Basically after that waffle of useless information ill get to the point, I have some gcses but not good enough to go for communication-systems-engineer so i have been looking at installation tech. Im keen to get a trade but want to know what life will be like on tour as well.. Im keen to get out and about travel and who doesn't join the army wanting to see some form of combat in there career. Bacially will i always be stuck tucked up doing fiber optics for a fancy new garrison or will there be a chance for some sort of excitement. Thanks.
  2. kiz


    its a bit stupid really at school i was never fantastic but pulled through at college..

    i have 8 GCSE's but only 2 of them are at c grade english lan and lit then like E in mathematics DD in science etc.

    I then have a first diploma in media and a HND in music production which got me into uni. I passed everything at uni including my dissertation however i managed to fail my final major project which means i only receive a certificate, i could retake the last year but it would cost a fortune and i really did not enjoy the course. My plan is to re take my maths GCSE and a few qualifications once in the forces and one day might go through Sandhurst who knows.. but i know i want a job in the forces and want to gain a trade. I did have VM brick layer and plumber as my three (family in building industry) However the sigs are much more related to IT and what i did at uni and computers / IT / networking are things all i find interesting and have spent many an hour building computers etc.

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. kiz


    Thanks for your reeply. It eas me being a tit! Im pretty sure they said that when I was last at my lco im still very intrested in tech as its a really good trade but justreally wabted to know life is like is cse so much better?
  4. kiz


    Sorry for mistakes on my mobile.
  5. Kiz

    If Maths isn't a strong point I'd stay away from CS Eng. Training is largely focused on IT now.

    Inst Tech is an outstanding trade to get. I say this as someone who served in two Inst Tech troops and seen their job.

    There will always be a need for them and fibre is just a part of it. Go for it. The money to be made in trade when you leave is outstanding when contracting.
  6. kiz


    Thanks for the information its a hars decission but as im asking in my initial question what would life be like on tour? Would I be able to get out on the ground? I have a friend in the army who said it was remf ? Some slang for an insult im sure he backed it up with you want to do something you can talk about.. true but not why im joining. I have always wanted to have a carrer in the military, however if I do leave I do so with a decent trade but finding one that actually has good after army prospects and still gets your boots on the ground is difficult.
  7. You could hold several degrees and still be a complete drooling mongtard with a soldering iron, indeed having a degree means you are almost certainly as much use as carp chebs. A degree, even an engineering degree, is not necessarily a technical qualification.
  8. Inst Tech is about doing a job, not going on the ground. Ingnoring the fact that we are pulling out of AFGHANISTAN and assuming the you got to go on tour, the job would be very busy and rewarding. UK time is unit dependant a ranges from shit to brilliant and quiet to thrashed. Good trade really and it maps onto civilian life easily

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