Royal Scots in Aden

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by theylie, Nov 14, 2010.

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  1. No sure if right forum but was wondering if there are any links or figure for Royal Scots KIA, if any, in Aden early '60s?
  2. Auld-Yin

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    If you contact Home HQ The Royal Scots, they may be able to help you. You can find them here. Lt Col Jim Blythe (retd) is the Regimental Secretary.
  3. Cheers Auld Yin!

    Any thoughts yourself, if your name is anything to go by!
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Sorry theylie, I joined the Bn in '68, after Aden, so could not give you details. As I say Home HQ for accuracy.
  5. If it helps, the only death I am aware of during the RS tour in Aden was Pte James Bonnes who died on 31st Oct 1964.

    I don't know the circumstances of his death but the time of his death was towards the end of the Radfan campaign and the the Bn was on rotation between the Radfan and Aden Town.
  6. Cheers that helps! Was speaking to a guy who was telling me about being hit wi shrapnel from grenades and that there had been KIAs in the incident.
  7. Hesitate to detract from the guy's story but I have to raise an eyebrow at that.

    I think it's very unlikely that RScots were on the receiving end of a terrorist grenade.
    The first terrorist grenade deaths of military personnel in Aden colony didn't occur until a month after Pte Bonnes' death, when a RSigs Cpl and an Airman were killed. By that time, I believe RScots were completing their tour and were returning to Tidworth.
    The only other grenade deaths that year was that of Gillian Sidey, a schoolgirl, and also a fatal grenade accident by 1EAnglian/1Royal Anglian.
  8. I have been told that one of the officers at the front of the painting of the Argylls re-entering the Crater was a Lt Graham, who was attached from either the R Scots or Scots Guards. [​IMG] Sorry that's the largest image I can find.
  9. To be honest that kinda what i was gettin at! Doesnt seem to be any RScots KIAs that fit in wi that.
  10. I was in the Aden with the Royal Scots 1964-65.I was B.Co. and Jimmy was A.Co_On a night off Jimmy and some friends were walking along the Maala Straight and when they crossed the roadb at one point,Jimmy was hit by a car and killed.If I remember correctly the accident occurred around November/December.I may be wrong,if so then I stand corrected.
  11. There wasn't a Lt.Graham with the Royal Scots then.In fact I don't remember any Officers by that name,during my service,1963 to 1975
  12. I don't recall any grenade incidents either on I.S. in Aden itself or up country.What I do remember is that an explosive device was detonated in the open air cinema one night.One girl was injured,also a Royal Scots private,Arthur Evans sustained a leg injury.Jimmy Bonnes was the only fatality anywhere during my 12 year stint.The next fatalities that I know of occurred in Northern Ireland about a year after I was demobbed and the next one after that was during the first Gulf War.
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    The 'Graham's' have a distinguished history serving with the Argylls in all theatres, the most recent were Lt Col A Graham and Maj Gen Graham who both served with the 1 st Battalion, it may have been one of their family members in the painting. If memory serves the officers pictured nex to the vehicle are Lt Col 'Mad Mitch' Mitchell (Co 1 A & SH) and Capt Thompson (Adjt 1 A & SH) cant remember any of the other names even though I used to pass a copy of it every day.
  14. Theylie you could try here Aden Index

    there's a list of graves in Silent Valley
    Silent Valley

    There's also a link to the Aden Veterans Association website , maybe you could ask there.
  15. The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) served in the Radfan at the end of my own regiment's tour, I know they had several quite vigorous 'contacts' at least one of the Royals was awarded a MM for his bravery, my regiment and the Royals were very close, shared a depot at Berwick for a while, I can't remember anyone being KIA in the Radfan from that distinguished old regiment.