Royal Scots Drgn Gds: Bandmaster/PR Officer Info Request


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I am a Seoul-based British journalist, and am just finishing up a Korean War project. I have been attempting to contact the RSDG bandmaster/Regt Secretary/PR or PA Officer through email via the regiment's museum website - alas, no replies.

Can anyone put me in touch (tel no or personal email) with any of the above?

The request relates to gaining permission to use some of the RSDG's (excellent) pipe music for the above-mentioned project which, once disseminated, should gain some fairly wide exposure.

For eg:
I will be presenting to a group of ROK colonels next Tuesday: These officers are in charge of the commemorations of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War next year, which will be a very high profile project internationally.

Thanks in advance for any assistance -
Andrew Salmon


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Many thanks. Will give the number a bell later today.


April, mate. Have no fear....I will be making sure ARSSE is fully in the know with presentations, excerpts, etc, etc, etc...

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