Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by supermark500, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. Their new CD "Spirit Of The Glen" was released yesterday (Monday 26th) and on day one sales it sold 6400 copies which puts it at #18 in the national charts! Above Sugababes, David Gray, Mika and James Blunt. 8)
  2. I am buying it tommorrow!
  3. Mine en route, already ordered it pre release from, free delivery! Looking forward to listening to it.
  4. Supermark,

    I have had the pleasure to listen to this CD, really good stuff.
    I can't pick a favourite track because every one is a gem.
    Well done to the Band and good luck on their USA Tour next year.

    Ex -QDG
  5. Every one a gem? It's not bad but some might be shocked that it's as much about the orchestra as about the pipes & drums.

    Track 13. Your love echoes around the world! I cringed with that one, Scots DG soldiers singing it to the tune of amazing grace, god damn awful, even worse cramming an extra syllable in true "love actually" style. UGGHH
  6. Aghart,

    Everyone to his/her own taste. I enjoyed it, if you still have the receipt you can always take it back!
  7. I'll keep it for the tracks that are good. Highland Cathedral was amazing, Last of the Mohicans is superb too as is Dances with Wolves. I'll simply skip the tracks with singing in. Mull of Kintyre goes on for ever and by the end I wanted to strangle the singer!
  8. Have to agree with you on Dances with Wolves, brilliant piece.
    Whats your opinion on Heroc the Hero?
  9. yes - every group makes it sound sooooooo different/speshul
  10. Prime Minister Gordon Brown Presented with Commemorative Disc by Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been presented today (December 3rd) with a commemorative disc of the new album by the Pipes and Drums of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The Prime Minister received a presentation copy of the record from Lance Corporal Andrew Clements, the day after the album charted at number 17 in the pop charts.

    Lance Corporal Andrew Clements, of the regiment, marched the length of Downing St, to the door of Number 10, and handed over the framed album to Gordon Brown, who said “I am delighted to meet Lance Corporal Andrew Clements and be presented with a copy of the CD. Pipers have always played an inspirational role in the British Armed forces. I applaud the fact that the regiment's proceeds from the sales of the pipes and drums of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards CD will all go to military charities. Using their talents to raise funds for service charities is in the best traditions of our armed forces”.

    The Guards have been on exercise in Germany, and have returned home to news of their chart success.

    Derek Potter, Pipe Major of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, says “We’re overwhelmed with our success, and very happy to be able to deliver a copy of our record to Gordon Brown. As a fellow Scot, we hope he enjoys the CD we’ve recorded, were very proud of it.”

    The Pipes and Drums of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards signed a deal worth one million pounds with Universal Music earlier this year. They recorded their album between tours of duty in Iraq, and the album includes versions Of Paul McCartney’s ‘Mull Of Kintyre’ and Rod Stewarts ‘Sailing’ as well as traditional Scottish ballads such as Amazing Grace. The album was released on November 26th 2007.

    Military piping originated in the eighteenth century both as a way of instilling confidence in troops for battle, and for recruiting new soldiers. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards have served in all the major theatres of war during the past two centuries. The regiment are busy training for future operations and have just completed an intensive exercise in Germany. HRH Queen Elizabeth II is the Colonel in Chief of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. She followed on from her Father, HM King George VI. The pipers last piped for her in 2006 at Edinburgh Castle.

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