Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Discussion in 'RAC' started by bigjimdangley, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. Hello all!
    Word on the street is I've Got mesel a posting to this lot next March.
    When's the next SDG tour?
    Are they arms plotting back to the UK anytime soon? (where to?).
    What's the pads like? Flats or houses or both?
    Is there owt else I need to know?

    Thankyou all in advance for your no doubt insightful and sensible replies.......

    "Big" Jim.
  2. Just finishing up on Herrick, 7 Bde are down for Herrick at the end of 2013.
  3. Ta ts. Frau wants to know what the pads are like a fally. I have pictures in exchange for int.
  4. Depending on rank really, most pads are off camp and are 6 apartment style blocks. Got done up not to long back and ain't to bad to be honest. Alot of the higer ranks are on camp in single houses and again they are not to bad. I cant see them doing much else with them as the planned pull out happens.

    Best thing about Fally is that you are right on the exit to the Auto bahn so you can get around easily.

    One big Naafi on camp which is always well stocked but of course expensive. The local town has the normal big German super markets but a piss poor night out.
  5. At the risk of sounding clichéd - send key setting?
  6. Check out BBC4 Documentary on 11th October at 2030 "Regimental Stories" - 30 min doc on the Royal Scots DG.
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  7. When you spoke to his boss did you manage it in English or was it in fluent spastic like the above post?

    You two need to stop flirting on the internet and ******* sort this toe to toe or **** off and leave us in peace. You seem to know who he is so what you dripping and wailing at his COC for you sand blocked pussy fart?
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  8. I'm lost. I may not look at this thread again.
  9. I wouldn't bother if I were you.

    A bloke asked a serious question and got helpful answers then two hermers turned up and had a tiff, I swore a bit.

    The end.
  10. Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay.........

    Thanks for the heads up peeps. I'll watch that documentary thingy. Any of you fine chaps got any more advice for me to follow when I get to fally?
  11. yes, get out of it as often as possible....oh and it's 'Bad' Fally now they spent a fortune on the 'Bad' bit of the name to make it sound better...
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  12. I had a quarter in the Heidemarkt Estate (Vor Dem Baden Hop was the name of the street), far enough away from camp to be left alone but close enough to cycle if not fit to drive in the morning. Theres also a little bar on the estate which always used to get a turn at the weekends.

    Fally is alright (the town,not the poster on here :) ) I always found that the people who whinged about it were those who'd come from a camp where everything was on their doorstep like Paderborn or Osnabruck. Walsrode is ok too. I'd go back in a flash.
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  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah. If you want a happy posting, only ever call them SCOTS DG, not SDG or RSDG as, being sweaties, the poor dears can get upset about it.

    That said, I shared Mercer/Imphal Barracks Osnabruck with them in the 80s and they were quite a sound bunch. For sweaties. In tanks.
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  14. I don't see why you don't just pop round his and riverdance on him?

    He comes across as the type that would go down quicker than the Belgrano. Anyway, let's not deviate this thread further.
  15. I had four good years in Fallingrad in the 90's, attached to the QRIH/QRH. Once you get over the fact it is a small town with a big garrison you can enjoy yourself. The countryside is great to explore, there are some large towns/cities not that far away where the "Domestic 0" can shop until she drops.

    I personally played football for two seasons with the overs 30's team in Fally, great bunch who made me really welcome.

    Enjoy the posting!

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