Royal School of Signals going crab

Just been quizzed by a neighbour.

Is there any truth in the duty rumor that Blandford is going to become a joint communications school for all three services?

If so please respond as me neighbour is interested.


Its been talked about for years, and i think its going ahead. Tri service and a public private partnership i think. Theres alot of building to do before it comes in (new messes, accom etc), so it'll probably take years.
Job on the recently released list for people with a crown and pip on each shoulder:

Head of Defence CIS School, Blandford.

Says it all really...

Skiman - Can you send details of the Corps Winter Camp by private mail please? Cheers
well they did it with the int side of things at quicksands so why not with the comms side?
if we are all supposed to be on the same side would it not make sense if we were all singing from the same song sheet?
might inject a bit of proffesionalism into Blindfold
.While I was there, I was told that it would be the Tri service school for CIS at least!
too many rumours about this subject
the same thing i always hear though is that there is not enough living space and the Sgt's mess is a tip
The mess at Blandford can be something of a tip 749. The accom is disgraceful, and compared with the money thats been spent on Junior Ranks accom, its a bit of a slap in the face. The public areas are not too bad, theres a good bar, and a decent scattering of chesterfields to park a hung over arrse on! Its always a good place to catch up with old mates, and make new ones, unfortunately its suffered for years from underinvestment and a lack of interest from above.
the RSM has nothing to do with the training though
that is down to a bunch of clueless civil servants and officers with no grip on reality
wonder what will happen when the fly boys and matlos move in?
8O Not unless they get rid of the civies who are under the impression that they run the place!!
Wait a minute...... They do bloody run the place
You men on the roof, bring your rifles round and fire at the smoke!!!
Once asked by a Infantry friend why nobody wanted to be posted to Blandford, as in the infantry world training at depot or junior / senior Brecon was seen as one of the highlights of their career - i think we have answered that above.

TDT and course eval need to be hung.
Dear oh dear!!

It would seem like no-one has a good word for the home of the Corps :?

I must agree that a lot of the gripes are warranted, some of the courses are bad, the Mess accomodation is a disgrace but unfortunately changes can't be made overnight.

There is a project to upgrade the mess accomodation in light of the vast number of personnel soon to be transiting the School on BOWMAN courses. The scary part is that we have heard quotes of around £30,000 to £50,000 per room for Z scale type accomodation. If this is true, whoever agreed to pay this much should be shot. No wonder there is never any money for anything.

Also, the School will be going Tri-Service. It is to be called the Defence College of CIS (DCCIS) and will be headed by a 1 Star.

Perhaps if the powers that be at Blandford actually got in touch with any of the main engineering institutes and found out what it would entail for the courses being run at RSS to be accredited then they hopefully find it was easy enough to do and we could get all who pass through some sort of civilian recognition, a bit of a feel good factor and retention aid.
can't see the Crabs being too pleased with what we have to offer at the moment

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