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Royal Rifle Volunteer gets Mention in Despatches

24754400 Corporal Frazer Wilfred BAKAS
The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Territorial Army In command of 4-man team scrambled to assist in the recovery of baseline casualties whilst being targeted by a rioting crowd.
Although the citation reads PWRR, Cpl Bakas was serving with the RRV's Roebuck Coy on TELIC 6 at the time. C (PWRR) Coy has since joined 3 PWRR.

The riot in question was the infamous Warrior-burning incident outside the Jarmeat Police Station. Cpl Bakas went forward and rescued a gunner who had been dragged off the back of the Warrior and into the clutches of the rioters and back to safety in spite of being stoned by the crowd.

Blöödy well done Corporal Bakas!

japseyewarrior said:
woody said:
He wasent c coy must be a pwrr addition .Well done .
He was one of the 3PWRR guys in Roebuck coy. There's a bit about it in the 3rd battalion publication.
Oops! :oops:

Well the trouble with you heavy types is that you have no tradition of individual appearance so with those buzzcuts you all look the same to us jackets! :D

Doesn't detract from what he did though.
We cant all wear decent cap badges at least you can look down on the remfs :lol: .The only thing I will miss from the RRV is the inane cap badge rivalry :lol:

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