Builds Royal Research Ship Discovery 1901

the bridge fitted at Dundee was a flat platform and railings, odd, but the airfix kit features it, even though it was boxed in at Portsmouth long before she set sail for cold climates. So Ive scratch built the Bridge walls out of plasticard. Hard enough having an open bridge, let alone one of just railings.
scratch built bridge.jpg

the bridge weighted down so that it sits right.
weighted bridge.jpg
railings fitted to holes drilled in the foc'sl deck
focs'l rail and bridge.jpg

the bow sprite mast with deadeyes fitted to take the foremast stays.
sprit mast deadeyes.jpg
fitting out the deck houses and the Helm.
figure 2.jpg

the figures and Huskies are quite well sculpted considering their tiny size
figures dwarfed by a panny.jpg

the boiler room and base of the funnel
first figure.jpg


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and under any other weather conditions would have stank.

the raised deck at the stern.
stern deck details.jpg

the ships boats, boat covers made from tissue soaked in diluted PVA glue, allowed to dry overnight and stretch tight as a drum.
boat cover tight as a drum.jpg
early stages of the build, loads more to go on, but it's not too early to start to plan the ice base, that needs doing before any vulnerable rigging.
overhead stern.jpg
again using the hull as a template, cutting out a piece of Emerald green card to represent the water under the ice.
ICE 1.jpg

the ice is made from foam board, covered in pva and soda crystals.
ice a.jpg

making the cracks in the foam board ahead of the bow.
cracked ice d.jpg
building up the ice debis, watching Ice breakers, the ice that break off either goes onto the side or under making way for the hull to pass through.
ice building.jpg
the plastic sails look a bit stiff and unrealistic, not due to the details molded into the sail, but just because of the unbending material they are cast from, so taking advantage of the sail details, I make my own out of several layers of plain un- patterned tissue paper, soaked in the inevitable diluted PVA glue, allowed to harden overnight using the kit sail as a mold, peel off, trim with a pair of scissors and it's ready to fit.
spanker a.jpg

the sail attached to the Gaff Booms.
spanker b.jpg
the Box top Art shows the main top gallant sail is part reefed into a gull wing, looks like an unmade bed.
unmade bed.jpg

trying to reconstruct this complex arrangement using tissue soaked in pva.
left to dry suspended between two paint tins.
heavy sail cloth.jpg


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Just out of interest, have you been watching Terror?

BBC 1 drama on Franklyn's doomed expedition to find NW passage?

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