Builds Royal Research Ship Discovery 1901

This is a kit I'd been looking for for ages, I found one on E bay reasonably priced. The reason was, it had been started by someone who had not a single clue how to go about making such a thing. I had visions of doing one under sail cracking through the ice in the Antarctic.
s-l1600 (1).jpg

I made this and completed the Diorama some time ago, but trawling through the modelling thread I realize I've never shared it here. So here goes, a BBC style repeat,
plan and side drawing.jpg
first of all I have to introduce you to my modelling companion Tink, he's bugger all use, by the way but he loves boxs.
cat in the box.jpg
the bodger had attempted to glue the hull together using awhole tube of Britfix glue in one go. Resulting in this...
bow mess.jpg

with the hull halves gently prized apart I have quite a job sorting this into a usable model. This is the inside of the prow.
bow half, mess.jpg

the hull halves and deck separated
hull halves.jpg

a closer view of the Bulwark shows the pitting damage caused by the previous owner.
internal bulwark.jpg
I'm sure you're looking at this thinking what on earth are you going to do with that, that's what the cat says and he's not got a clue about model making.
cat in a box b.jpg

but grab a snack and put the kettle on, cos what this turns into is something quite different to what you can see. the hull below the waterline is scrap, but that just about fits in with my waterline idea.
stern half, mess.jpg
The ship was built in Dundee, but they made a bit of a mess of it to be honest, during her sea trial she shipped several inches of water and there were so many snags to be redone, it was taken to Portsmouth for a rebuild. Her open Bridge was re fitted as it was considered to be inappropriate for the icey conditions of the Antarctic.
first step, sanding back the bulwarks and filling in the pitting with Mr Surfacer. Then re joining the hull and deck.
prow looking cleaner.jpg

the pitting filled and the bulwark timbers re-fitted with plasticard
bulwark pitting filled.jpg
the seller was quite honest about the kit, hence the low price, and it kept collectors away from bidding up the price, the only damage was to the hull and deck as I've shown, but the rest of the kit was untouched and mostly on the sprues and all present.
The hull is now strong enough to be cut down to a waterline model, always a tricky move,
bottom cut away.jpg

bottom cut off.jpg

using the hull as a template, I marked out some thick hardboard. This will form the false bottom.
marking false bottom.jpg
The deck was sprayed light tan.
white disco.jpg

it was left to dry before being masked up using newspaper and masking tape, given a coat of matt black over a thin line of Tamiya masking tape along the side of the hull.
masked deck.jpg

with the masking peeled off a neat hull immerged.
unmasked white line.jpg
The Trawler I recently made was short of rigging anchor points, there are none with the kit, so using fusewire drilled into the foc'sl.
eye bolts.jpg
It’s amazing what you’ve done with that. I’ve some fishes and a couple of loaves of bread, would you mind doing the honours?

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