Royal Regt of Scotland - What is happening

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Outstanding, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Is there any factual news?
  2. Try here.

  3. No nothing happening up here.The changes will happen at the end of the month and all the regimental identities will die with it.New uniforms and and kilts will be worn by ALL of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.No more Highland or Lowland Brigade.The death of the Scottish regiments under this NEW LABOUR government. I sincerely hope the Scottish people will remember that at the next general election because I will.
  4. I have a BW mate who is the only serving jock in our place, he hasn't been given any instructions about anything so will just continue in his own Regt uniform unitl directly instructed otherwise. Seems fair to me as serving abroad we have no access.
  5. He should contact 1BW, Who as his parent unit will admin the change in uniform.

    Formation Day & Dress
  6. Thtas a great resource we just checked it out, but it doesn't actually say what the dress is:
    Quote "Other Dress - Details of the other forms of dress will be published shortly." Quote

    So any other ideas?
  7. Errrm are you still waiting Outstanding, or are you checking out the 2nd link posted by sweatysock:

  8. Funny old thing his cap badge and TRFs appeared in todays post. The rest - as they say - will be history!!
  9. That's the power of ARRSE for you.

    If the Federation had been up and running, they would have arrived three weeks ago. :wink:
  10. Bring it on mate!!
  11. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    I wonder who the last bloke will be, wearing his old uniform, saying "Nobody sent me anything". One way to get your name in the Guiness Book of Records (and the extras book).
  12. Probably basis for a good thread there on the lines of who - still serving is wearing obsolete dress or regt insignia.!
  13. I was thinking more along the lines of the Japanese soldiers found on a Pacific island years aftyer the end of WW2. Picture a lone Scottish soldier posted on some Outer Hebridean island (and don't try and tell me that Glasgow would know he was there and let him in on the secret) emerging years later when there was just 1 Great British Regiment.........
  14. And hopefully they all be wearing Kilts?
  15. probably the same guy that still has his big pack