Royal Regiments Officers No1 Dress


Just a very quick question does anyone know if the Officers No1 Dress for all Royal Regiments is the same pattern across the board?
This seems to be the case with the OR's No1 Dress (Navy Tunic with Red Piping on Epps), so are all Royal Regiments Officers No 1's Navy Tunic with no piping?
Tried our RHQ but they have none so considering buy another Royal Regiments Officers Tunic off ebay and swapping the buttons (cheeper than a new from the tailors). :)

Appreciate any advice

There are differences (Gunner pockets, etc.) so be careful. Having said that, I would think that a good tailor would be able to fettle it.

Overalls will have different width stripes according to unit, so be careful again.
Thanks HPF much appreciated
Saw a set on ebay and the jacket looked the same as ours inc curves on the pocketetc hopefully it will just need a button and collar dogs refit.
The trousers were way off but then in the main I believe that mess kit trusers is acceptable checking with the Adjt now


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