Royal Regiment of Scotland?

have a look at some of the posts in current affairs. There are plenty of good links to stories in the media about the subject (although invariably should be taken with said pinch of salt!)

So far there has been no official statement saying that it will happen, but its 99% of the way there. Labour spindoctors and the MOD are just waiting for a 'good new's day to hide it under.8O

agent smith
How about the Amalgamated Royal Regiment of Scotland (Everyone)
I would proudly serve the ARRSE regiment


agent smith
Five Bns, common cap badge, common identity. Each Bn will be allowed to have a name appended of one of the old Regiments.

How can it be called "Royal" without the Queen's concurrence?
Royal Regiment of Scotland\Wales\England\Ireland sounds like one step away from a Corps of infantry. Just cut to the chase and make the Corps of Infantry.



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