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Hi all

How we all doing??
Im new to the forum and wasnt to sure where to post this topic. Ive just passed my selection and Ive got my date for basic training 18 October at Catterick.

Im joining the Royal Regiment Of Scotland and hopefully Ill get into 5 scots, so Im looking to get to know anyone that is currently in 5 scots so I have a better chance of getting into the battalion.
awrite bud, good look with training. I'm down the month before you. Just say you had family in the argylls many years ago they shouldn't question it and you are pretty likely to get in to them. This was advice for me from older, still serving 5 SCOTS, although i don't need it as my uncle and grandad did serve in the argylls.
SmithsRail said:
Ho ho ho, I hope your immune to the cold, you boys are on a nice winter course in Catterick :)

unlucky lads..
Good Id hate for it to be easy LOL :D What doesnt kill you makes u stronger
i' hoping to join 5 scots too mate, just waiting on word back bout my 3 month fitness diary this week then hopefully straight on to interview then ADSC, not sure about intake dates but i hoping to start basic before the years out.
From a former Scots Div good luck to both bazil & MrMcnaul + others in your Training, I done mine in both Glencorse & Catterick over the Winter months including the good old bayonet training at 5am in the snow which was fun, enjoy & stick it out lads
beemer007 said:
From a former Scots Div good luck to both bazil & MrMcnaul + others in your Training, I done mine in both Glencorse & Catterick over the Winter months including the good old bayonet training at 5am in the snow which was fun, enjoy & stick it out lads
Thanks mate :D I dont have to long to wait, 18th October and Im away to catterick. I wish it was sooner tho :D
Mrmcnaul and Brazil, Your attitudes are absolutely perfect and I predict that in a few years time you will both be sitting in the Corporals Mess having a beer or five and relishing your future in the RRS.

Good luck men.
hi mate,yeah im going royal regiment of scotland too,although i have not received my start date yet.Iam hoping I get on that intake,I will find out on monday.Hoping for 5 scots as well,the air assault role is a lot more appealing.Iam Australian,although I have scottish blood in my family.I was originaly going para,but decided against it,I dont want rubber knees lol.
From what I hear, recruits will go to where they ask for, unless another unit has more of an need for soldiers.

Stick to your guns and continue to state where you want to go.
Thanks for the words Nutcracker and wei55y, it means a lot.
Ive not long to go 2 weeks today until basic :D So keen to get there, get started and get it done. Really cant wait
Fao: All RRS recruits/Soldiers

I know all you potential RRS soldiers (no matter 1-5 regts) will be very busy shortly due to training schedules, but a request from an old sweat:

If possible put up sitreps, please bear in mind persec & forum rules etc, don't wish you to suck eggs but you know where I'm coming from, would be good to hear how the 'younger generation' as i'm an old git are dealing & handling the current pace of training due to the increased OP tempo the UK is involved with.

Good Luck to all
Well good luck to those of you going to basic. im up at glencorse for my med on the 28th and iv been told so long as i pass ill be away to basic on the 24th of jan 2010. im hoping to get 1 scots, which should be fine as i had my granda and uncle serve in KOSB before they where known as 1 scots, the royal scots borderers in 2006. im not worried about my medical at ADSC however my recruiter has told me as the army are being swamped with loads more applications than normal because of the recession that up at ADSC they are being a lot more picky who they choose. by all means im not the fittest person in the world but iv got a strong determination. my run times worrying me as my p.b is 11 mins! do you find that you do a better run time whilst there because of expectations, or is it the other way around?
People tend to knock a bit off there times due to running with people, it makes it more of a competition in your mind and tend to push yourself even more than you thought you could :D well it does for me anyway!! but i wouldnt be suprised if you got around 10:30 as long as you give it your all and others are runnin this time.

Good luck and give it everything you have and you will be fine.
Thanks alot for the quick reply m8. your words have somewhat encouraged me for going. i know im going to push push push! after all everything could come down to my run time, and whats 10 - 11 mins of bursting your arrse off? nothing if it gives you the opportunity of a lifetime....right?
well iv got my selection on the 2nd of november ! And iv been ill for the past 2 weeks ! so hasnt been the best, im just going to start REALY beasting my self with my running and upper body strength, I realy want to be in the RRS, so just going to give it my all up at glencourse and hopefully it will pay off, I should think i will be at ITC by january 2010 ( if its january the 10th i go then that will be my 18th birthday) lol. My mate is off today hes joining 4 scots :p and my other mate just passed his selection and hes joining 5 scots I dont mid wher i go ( preferably 2 or 5 scots) but aslong as im in it then I have followed me dream :D.
Why 2 or 5 Scots lgnd-bev? are they due to go to afghanistan next or something? Im in the process now of joining up, playing the waiting game at the minute though.

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