Royal Regiment of Scotland

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ck_army, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Is anyone here joining the royal regiment of scotland? If so what battleation you hoping to join?
  2. Yeah I am and hopefully 1st battalion or 3rd
  3. Where are u with your app?
  4. Guess your heading for A&SH 5 SCOTS ?

  5. Yeah 5scots..Take u could tell by the avatar. Wanting do do air assault. What about you?
  6. Im TA 7 SCOTS we are mountain role, but I know loads of guys in 5 SCOTS great bunch of that you joining our site on BEBO?

    Best of Luck

  7. Selection's the only thing I need to do and then hopefully Harrogate :D
  8. Iv got selection next but im off to catterick.
  9. Cool are you doing it at the end of this month?
  10. Royal Regiment of Scotland sounds good when its said, I was originally in the Gordon Highlanders - now 4 Scots (The Highlanders), good luck..
  11. I think so. I think i get my date tomoz so i will let u know.
  12. I've got my second interview on thursday 8) joining 5 SCOTS hopefully :D
  13. Nice one.
  14. You wont get it confirmed until week 15/16 at ITC just keep your options open. and don't be to upset if you dont get 5 SCOTS. You get to put down four choices at week 12.
  15. Joining RRS myself, just waiting to get a date for attestation & for Catterick. Either 2, 4 or 5 SCOTS for me, depends on manning levels between the battalions I think?