Royal Regiment of Scotland Tat?

Why, is there a Private MacGolden as well?
vandyke said:
Once knew n ex- QOH with the stagshead all over his back
QOH = Queens own Hussars (Amalgamated in 1993 to form QRH )

QOHldrs = Queens own Highlanders (Amalgamated in 1994 to form Hldrs)

Just bored at work so picking up on silly things :)

New many guys with hector tattoo's(the regimental pet name for the QOHldrs stags head badge), also some with "QO HIGHLANDERS" shoulder titles.
heilan_laddie said:
i would rather nail my own face to the gate of palace barracks that have that RRS rubbish on my body
That RRS rubbish probably saved even more Battalions getting the chop. get over it!!!!.

If someone gets the tattoo then good on them they are obviously supporting the new regiment instead of listening to that fat cunit Salmond who only wants to use it for political reasons.
Was reliably informed that tartan ninja would love this tatooed onto his shoulder, but he is afraid of needles apparently.


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TA(BW)Stickie said:
Does anyone know of someone with the badge tattooed on them? :?
I talked to a bloke from (wait for it) fcuking North Carolina over the summer who wanted to get that badge as a tat, as 'solidarity' with Scotland because his aunt was ginger or something equally tenuous.

Managed to talk him out of it.

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