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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know if it is true that potential recruits to the Royal Regiment of Scotland are being told that they can no longer dictate which battalion that they wish to join (ie The Blackwatch or the Highlanders), and are instead being made to join whichever battalion the army sees fit to send them to?
  2. What's wrong with that?
  3. The Army has always reserved the right to send soldiers where they are needed. When the SCOTS Individual Posting (IP) plan is published all will be clear: it is likely that soldiers will go to the battalions that they are most strongly associated with by virtue of territorial association.

    Edited to add the IP link: Here
  4. Good.

    Imagine that - sending someone to a battalion where the army needs them (which is what the Corps and other capbadges have been doing for years). Whatever will they dream up next!
  5. My understanding is that the RRS battalions will retain their geographical affiliations. As such recruits will go to their (geographically) local battalion unless they wish to go elsewhere. In other words a laddie from Inverness will go to 4 Scots.
  6. Thanks barbs,

    I was doing some research on them and some of the sources were stating that recruitment staff were finding that a number of potential recruits were put off by the new policy of not allowing them to join their local battalion. The Source did seem to be a bit on the "anti RRS/lets keep the old regiments" side of the argument.

    Once again, many thanks


    PS, here is the link for the source

    RRS recruitment
  7. Agent Smith: The source is a website set up by the crew from the Savethescottishregiments so hardly unbiased. Duncan:he's the one who spends all his time slagging off senior officers etc "oooh look at me ex RAF never served with the Jocks and now I can insult the officers and they can't do anything about it..."

    They set up the website and tried to make it look official and so people believe whatever they say....ignore it. Waste of space.

    The local ACIO and the Regimental Info team have the same policy - if Jock Mcgraw wants to join 4 SCOTS and be with his buddies from Elgin or Sneckie then he goes to 4 SCOTS. Obviously a few years down the line he will move to another unit for career reasons or because he fancies a change of role or scenery or has to go for promotion etc but the policy IS as stated: you want a Bn you get that Bn. And that came from the Colonel of the Regiment at lunch on Saturday!
  8. Thanks mate. I realised that once i read most of it. I have managed to find the official RRS site and it has some really interesting stuff on it.