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Discussion in 'Officers' started by one_pip_wonder, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Evening all, I'm still unsure as to where in the Army I would like to end up if I successfully gain entry to RMAS. I have been thinking about the Signals as I have a history in IT and Comms but then again I suppose that counts for very little if your man management skills are terrible.
    So I was thinking that my local (2nd Battalion) Royal Regiment of Scotland may be for me, however and I know this is not the case for commission but more as a 'would I fit in' type question, I am a comprehensive schooled, no land owning common type.

    I mean no offense to anyone serving but would I fit in without owning an estate? I have heard that some infantry units are more suitable for officers who were private schooled.

    I am well aware it matters not if you were educated at Oxford or the school of life when it comes to leading men and gaining their respect. Again I am not trying to start some bashing thread but honestly curious as to if I would be comfortable with this Regiment.

    Any serving young officers within the Royal regiment of Scotland that can give me a first hand view of this would be very welcomed as I am afraid I know none at all.
  2. As an oldie may I reply? My son is an officer in the Royal Regiment of Scotland and I have met a large number of his fellow officers. While they may not all be in possession of a Double First from Oxford they are all dedicated to the men they command (serve) and have a very clear view of the Army and the world in general. If you are good enough you can join - you do not have to won a landed estate in Scotland to make your mark these days. Are you good enough to join them?
  3. As daft as it sounds, a history in IT/Comms is rarely the recipe for success in the R SIGNALS. Most technical stuff is done by the ORs - the Officers spend a lot of time doing man management. Still a great Corps though, but just don't expect your boss to value your experience until you're at least a senior Captain.
  4. If your English you'll fit into the RRS no dramas!!!
  5. Jock: "Sir, you don't sound very Scottish"
    Officer: "No, but I own most of Fife"
  6. Touché

    And I am born and bred in Ayrshire.
  7. I feel as though I would be good enough to join them and make a good Officer, but my question was would I fit in? Is your son still a young Officer? Better yet a member of Arrse, a chat with a young Officer from the RRoS if what I'm after I suppose. Should get that in the new year though if I can get on a fam visit.
  8. That just about qualifies you for the Royal Irish.

    Im not sure where in Ayrshire your from but like most places the town im from was considered to hotly recruited from to accept a young officer from that area. (that’s me putting it politely)

    Chance your arm, who knows things have changed somewhat.
  9. That made me spit some coffee back into my mug, which then splashed me in the eye, the temporary blindness lead to me being unable to see that school bus full of school children. 3 of them survived.

    I'll just move to london for a few months.
  10. I knew him in 1975 and his first name was Greville then a DB name, got blinded in one eye cutting a HLS in the Jungle.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    There are no regiments or corps in the British Army which require their young officers to own large landed estates. All of them would be entirely happy with a young officer who owned a 1974 Vauxhall Viva estate, provided that he was of suitable military calibre to lead their soldiers.

    There are about 2.7 million threads on arrse revolving around this question and the basic answer is the same in all of them. Your ability to fit in with a regiment is down to your own personal qualities and has absolutely nothing to do with your financial situation.
  12. I would reckon you would struggle a bit in the Guards unless you had a private income. Your uniform and mess bills are liable to outstrip your wages. Plus most of the Dils are proper Ruperts.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You're wrong.

    I know quite a few Guards officers and very few of them have a 'private income' of any sort. This stereotype may have been accurate in the 1920s and 30s but it simply isn't true now.
  14. It was certainly true in the 80's and early nineties. I can vouch for it.

    However if you are right, glad to see things moved forward. The only officers who were working class were blokes who went through the ranks past W.O1 to captain so they were usualy in their late 40's by that time.