Royal regiment of scotland, number 2's?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Charliemurray3, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. Im in basic train at afc harrogate, just been issued our rrs number 2's for pass out in december. Theres no scotish nco's in my company so getting the right info quite hard. Anyone able to givw me a list of must dos?
  2. I'm not in the Army mate but spelling 'Scottish' with a capital 'S' and two 't's would be near the top of my list :)
  3. Mind and wear long johns under your skirt, terribly chilly in december. Oh and your jacket, buttons to the rear.
  4. Keeping updated with this site is a must LINKY
  5. Dress regs are available on the Army website: they might be some help.
  6. Another MENSA candidate!

    Rather than expose yourself to the merciless p*ss taking of strangers on the internet, I suggest that you march up to your section Cpl (The chap with two stripes who shouts at you), stand to attention and say "Excuse me Corporal, I would like your advice" and then explain your predicament; It is not in his best interest for you to pass out looking like a shower of sh*te.
  7. Good reply.

    Dress Regs are fine but the lad needs to know how to put the kit on and what type of No 2 dress it is.

    There are loads of RRS training instructors about so no excuse for the section Cpl not to get help.
  8. There should be a Officer and at least one Sjt there, although the ginger full screw is the best one to ask.
  9. Crow! you will have an RRS Rep at Harrogate. go find him and i'm sure he'll love showing you how to wear your skirt!
  10. How about getting off your arse and asking for assistance, Try the SCOTS NCO's in other Coys, Oh and LOCK THE BLOODY STUFF AWAY!!. It's bloody expensive (a lot more than a ginger drinking suit).

    Or Get intouch with your Regt Reps at ITC they will point the right people in your direction. In the mean time get your hands on plenty of sports whitner & Boot Polish dont bother getting your Brouges beeswaxed as it will just get trashed. Hang the kit up and dont just throw it in the back of your locker, you will just look like a bag of spanners, Try and avoid using Hairspray on your sporran as in the past SUT's have put that much on the sporran's were solid.

    Dont polish the brasses as they are cheap shitty electroplate and will be destroyed by and metal polish, Basically the main things are the Spats and the brouges the rest is a doddle if you can speak to NCO's from 3,4&5 SCOTS as they will have better experiance with Highland dress than 1&2 any way best of luck and remember do it right and it looks smart do it wrong and you look a tit.

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