Royal Regiment of Scotland Dress Regs

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Solon_of_Athens, May 27, 2006.

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  1. Chippy as hell, will have to physically pin me down to get me to wear any of the new bits and bobs. All that crap about mess dress not being compulsory, a good barometer of how chippy things have become. I hope that battalions will use lission command to the maximum.
  2. I couldn't find this posted.
    Wonder how true it is?

    Maybe the very most recent pre-amalgamation contract kilts were made in Yorkshire, but I know all previous ones were made by firms in Scotland, such as Thomas Gordon, Hector Russell, Argyll kilts, etc.
  3. :roll:

    Just think - there is always room for it to get worse...




    brought to you by these people making, 'modern' kilts for everyday use..

    (their website seems to be down at the moment).
  4. Thanks SoA, an "interesting" read.

    Am I right in saying there are 5 years "grandfather" rights on Mess Kit only?