Royal Regiment of Scotland (and England, and Germany...)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by MrPVRd, Jan 18, 2006.

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  2. Anyone suprised?
  3. Well there's a surprise!
  4. But hang on a second - how many of the King's Division (5 new bns) will be based in Lancashire / Yorkshire? I'll give you a clue - it's a number between 1 and 3.

    The Scottish have dripped on and on and are in danger of boring everyone to death. Get a grip and get on with it.
  5. Wind your neck in storeman,
    The scottish regiments are very proud of their traditions a lot more so than any other units in the british army.
    They are well within their rights to fight this decision tooth and nail, I wouldnt wish a permanant posting to fally on anyone.
    they are destroying scotlands army, just one infantry regiment, i also feel for the kings division but there is many more english regiments remaining. It is a further kick in the teeth for the jocks that have provided some of britains finest soldiers throughout the ages.
    It shows their determination that they are fighting these changes, if it was left to you we would just keep quiet, bend over and take it right up the hoop.
  6. Mr vandyke, you should.

    There comes a time when you realise you're banging your head against a brick wall, p1ssing against the wind - or whatever. Whining about something which you won't change is frankly a waste of everyone's time. They are not going to change the AP by 'protesting' or 'gathering the clans', 'thrashing the haggis', hopping around in skirts or however else you dodgy colonials vent your spleen.

    Actually you could; but before you do that send back all the other adopted colonials who now keep 'the Scottish' battalions' name alive (as if they giving a flying thingy about your quaint history and traditions) - and see how many you're left with.

    See you in Fally!
  7. my days in fally are long gone, 7 years there with the prospect of another 12 were too much for me. I know for a fact that this decision will be detrimental to recruiting.
    you are right it is like banging your head against a brick wall and no amount of protesting will change their minds, however that doesnt mean that we should take this lying down.
    The scottish regiments are rightly proud of their past, they do not join the army, they join a regiment, a familly to just wipe all that out is a sin. They tell us that each battalion will remain but we all no that this is the thin edge of the wedge and sooner or later the battalions will all merge into one.
    The poor old Queen Mum will be spinning in her grave if she knew what was happening to her beloved "forty twa"
  8. 20% of the British army are Scots.
  9. If you weren't such a d*ckhead with your racist overtones, a few more of the 'Jocks' may accept what it is that you are trying to say, but in your effort to sound funny, you sort of lose the meaning of your arguement.
  10. Scotland has always had a very high percentage whithin the british army. Our loyalty has never been doubted but we get nothing in return.
  11. Although you don't post where this is attributable, I am delighted. This is the BRITISH Army and if the Scottish have provided 1 in 5 of us, then more power to their elbow. My point here concerns the issue of good men and true wasting their time trying to change something which frankly cannot be changed and does not deserve to be changed. 2 battalions serving on a 'home' posting is not a bad hit rate when compared to the rest of us. We are of one army and one corps and having been presented with a reasonable solution to an admittedly pretty unreasonable situation, then we should turn to the right and get on with it.

    The recent history of the British Army shows that we have been quite good at facing down some fairly unpleasant situations which we would rather not have faced and I, for one, don't want to change that.
  12. Thanks biscuit, it shouldn't just be the scots that are up in arms about this, all regiments should do their best to maintain and protect their history.
    But i would expect this sort of attitude from a storeman, his only sense of pride and history is when a swamped mattress is returned to him and he detects another "map of Africa" to circle with his marker pen.
    Battle honours and traditions will mean very little to him
  13. This is / was called banter. 'Racism' between the constituent parts of Great Britain was completely unheard of until the precious advocates of the politically correct decided to extend their meaningless middle class values further afield. I am saddened that such PC cr*p has extended this far, but I have also seen far worse examples of 'racist overtones' elsewhere on these boards. Perhaps you had better continue your witch hunt elsewhere.

    And if there are any Scottish posters here who genuinely feel racially abused - then I abjectly apologise.
  14. Do not worry on the racism front i for one am not offended and long for the day i can return to calling you lot a bunch of "morris dancing, shandy drinking poofters" but that is not the issue. Even you must feel it is a disgrace to destroy centuries of tradition at the stroke of a pen
  15. I am in no way an adovocate of Political Correctness. I was merely looking for a way in which to politely call you a c*nt.

    And you can stick your apology up your arrse, you bell end.