Royal regiment of Scotland -5 Scots now ceremonial?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by roar, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. I understand that once you join RRS its hard to have much influence over what battalion you go to.

    With 5 Scots now moving to a purely ceremonial role, how will that affect recruits, is there a change of being sent there and stuck in a ceremonial role till time stand still?

    Thanks in advance for insight.
  2. Jeez, if I had my time over agian I would jump at the chance of a ceremonial roll. Standing outside Edinburgh Castle in full No.1s was the biggest pussy magnet known to mankind!!! Especially foreign birds!!

    As for your question, no idea, sorry.
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  3. Maybe they'll manage it it similar to the Foot Guards, the recruits from Catterick do a stint in the Increment Companies before being posted to their Battalions, and there's always the chance of going back there upon promotion.
  4. At the moment with HERRICK - as recruitment in to the RRS battalions is centralised from ITC - you typically go to the battalion that needs the boost in manpower for their upcoming tower.

    Post-Aghan, no idea mate, perhaps we'll rotate from our parent battalion to the ceremonial coy for a stint in PD exclusively though every battalion does public duties anyway (we had a coy do PD in Edinburgh earlier in the year while the other coys did Gibraltar & FIRIC).
  5. Been there mate, must admit after 4 days of "can i have a photo" i was starting to get pissed off.
  6. How did you actually find the time to shag them?
  7. I never said I did... I just said it was a magnet.
  8. Was not so much the photos that pissed me off, it was the kilt lifters that got me. A few got a shock when they realised it was true.

    I did not expereince it, but some lads had their Glengarrys nicked, and put on charge for it!
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