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Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

The Lancashire Fusilers, gone but definately not forgotten Oop North:



Learned that as a Cadet back in the early 70's!
Indeed, never forgotten.

2 LF were buried last week, Pte Richard Lancaster at Prowse Point and an unknown LF at Tyne Cott - a memorial site where he was discovered on the Ypres- Roulers railway was opened the same day. More than 300 turned out for the funeral of Pte Lancaster, including two of his granddaughters. An awesome day by all accounts.


War Hero
roughready28 said:
The best regiment in the British Army, though of course I'm biased as I've just completed 23 years in the 2nd Bn.

Always be proud of your Hackle and become part of the family, it lasts a lifetime.........

Another ex-2nd. Fusiliers here (but still a Fusilier).

I still have my last Hackle safely stowed!

On the subject of Hackles, anyone know when people stopped 'shaping' them? Today it looks as though they are just taken out of the paper sleeve and worn.
Agree with all of the above. Was due to commission into the RRF but was knocked out of going to Sandbags due to a back injury. The Regiment bent over backwards to help out, even though they weren't going to get their hands on me.

Still wear the roses on Minden Day.


Just Minden Day !! I wear the hackle and roses on my PJ's in bed
BANDSMAN69 said:
Sorry DICKIE_OUT_AND_ABOUT not so 'join anyone else and when your time is up you'll be a mister'

Ex IDWR once a duke always a DUKE.....

There's nowt like being proud of yuor cap badge.
Once a Craftsman always a Craftsman'
I only came across 4RRF in Hong Kong in the 60s, Gun Club Barracks, and they were a great set of lads considering they weren't REME.


Its agreed then we are the B*llocks Time to Re form the 3rd and 6th Bn's I say
As a outsider REME bloke, I get round quite a bit, was posted with 1RRF in celle 2003-2005 and was the best unit I have ever came aross. Fantastic lads all round :D


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are the Budgies expecting another two battalions any time soon? The numbering goes 1, 2 & 5 - where are 3 & 4, or can't Fusiliers count?


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The-Daddy said:
are the Budgies expecting another two battalions any time soon? The numbering goes 1, 2 & 5 - where are 3 & 4, or can't Fusiliers count?
1968 amalgamations resulted in Northumberland Fusiliers (5th Foot) becoming 1st Bn, Warwickshire Fusiliers (6th Foot) became 2nd Bn, Royal Fusiliers (7th Foot) became 3rd Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers (20th Foot) became 4th Bn, and 5th Bn. was the TA.

4th Bn. was soon split amongst the other three Regular Bns.

3rd Bn. was disbanded sometime in the 90's(?).


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Fine, fine, fine Regiment. Always good to read such positive stuff!

3d Bn was lost under 'Options for Change' mid 90s. Funny old thing, if the Bn had been retained (allong with the Bns of Queens, R ANGLIAN, LUI et al) it would have looked something like what we have now. Large Regiments able to manage their own promotions and movements for the sake of retention.

Another good point about the Fusiliers, height doean't matter; size is everything.


The-Daddy said:
are the Budgies expecting another two battalions any time soon? The numbering goes 1, 2 & 5 - where are 3 & 4, or can't Fusiliers count?

This way we save money by dusting off the old 5th Bn (TA) colours and keep our options open on Re forming the Regular 3rd and 4th Bn’s (Reg), 6th Bn (TA) and we will as soon as I can genetically engineer this Pig /Eagle highbred Thingy.
More Volts Igor, More Volts! :twisted:
Sorry about the 'not being proud of the cap badge' but having done a full career in REME and having the good fortune to see lots of other Regiments and Corps in action I felt we were always slightly lacking in many areas.
That comradeship, family feeling, brothers-in-arms and unity are things I never experienced at REME Battalions. The only time I felt it was when we were part of something else.
Cant help feeling that's why some units embraced their LAD and took them into their own fold giving refuge for lost souls.
As the point of my first my experience no one did it better than 2RRF. As a non-Fusilier cap badge I felt proud to sport a Hackle.
Anyone remember Drawsko Pomorski, Ex Uhlan Eagle 1996?

Warrior jumping the trench and landing in front of the grandstand where the Polish big wigs and world press were?

Smoke grenades a plenty then Drums Plt marching out of a hole in the ground playing The British Grenadiers?

Hi folks, lurked for a while on here, & decided to post in answer to an incoming family member!

I was fortunate enough to serve 10 years with 6RRF ( Northumberland TA), during the 90's & loved it. at the time the Bn could regularly muster 500 + soldiers which was an impressive turn out & we always had a good reputation, work hard was always at the core of what we did & the pride in the hackle has to be experienced to be believed

All i can say is take your "shilling " & join an organisation worthy of the title

" British Infantry Regiment"
Wasn't eastenders favourite man a Fusilier?

Leslie 'boxhead taxi driver slayer' Grantham

And Kenneth Williams, Elton John and Judy Dench?

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