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Royal Regiment of Fusiliers


cheers for the replies, i search for fusiliers int he search box but nothing came up before. I am a brummie myself and looking to join 2rrf, just waiting for med report of doctor.
The recruiter who is dealing with me is on 2rrf so i will probably ask him some questions, i did the look at life course with the staffords last year but the fusiliers did it with us and both lots of lads were great.
How long will 2rrf be in cyprus for and after that where will they be based?
Cos anything else may have seemed logical... Army don't do logic.

To be honest, i've no idea.
The-Daddy said:
Why are the Regular Bn's numbered 1 & 2, and the TA Bn 5? Are you expecting another two Bns some time soon?

Perhaps because 3 and 4 were disbanded. I know that 4RRF were in Gun Club Barracks Kowloon when I was there in 1966 and were IIRC replaced by RWF (or it may have been the other way round.


Georgee trust me you don't want to join the Staffords, Im a Brummie who works in Staffordshire and all the blokes up here call each other 'Duck' is very worrying.

2RRF A Company thats where you want to be mate.


Im a TA soldier last year i spent 2 weeks being trained by 2 RRF in Cyprus as part of Exercise lion star, the regiment and the lads in it are excellent.

I am also from staffordshire and we dont call everyone duck thats just the people who from Stoke who call evryone duck, but hey what do they know there all clay heads.



Well done for having a look at the Fusiliers. I am not going to sit here and tell that it is the best Regiment in the Infantry. None of them are, it's all a matter of perspective. The Fusiliers have good points and bad point, it all depends which ones you want and value.

Here are a few facts about the battalions:

1. 1RRF are armoured with warrior. Based in Celle (Germany) they have recently returned from a second tour of Iraq. The fought in Telic 1, taking Basrah and were the biggest Battle Group in the Iraq War. They will be moving to Fallingbostal in the next few years, something to do with Brigade movements. They regulary takepart in armoured exercises in Canada, Norway and Poland, depending on the year and the NATO commitments. Future deployments not yet planned but standby for a Coy to go to the Falklands this year.

2. 2RRF are a light role infantry battalion, so stand by for lots of tabbing! (great stuff, can't get enough of it) they are currently based in Dhekelia in Cyprus and will be there until at least April 2008. Then they move to London before returning out to Germany (possibly co-brigaded with the 1st). They are currently the Theatre Reserve Battalion (i.e. on standby to deploy to Iraq of Afghanistan) until mid 2007. They have deployed three times this year for three - five months each. Two coys went to Iraq, then another to Afghanistan (NowZad - 107days with 157 attacks from Taliban, possibly most intense siege since Korea?). recently another coy has gone to Afghan woth still more possible deploments round the corner. Becoming one of the most experienced light battalions around. This does not include 4 years in Northern Ireland and Belfast before Cyprus where the Battalion was the best battalion in the Brigade and controlled three of the most violent marching seasons in the last decade.

3. Both Battalions are hugly experienced and respected by nearly all in the Army they have worked with. 1RRF seen as best armoured battlion, with 2RRF becoming on of the best specialist light roles (still registerded as the best Public Order NI battalion though we left 18 months ago). Proffesionalism and mutual respect is our ethos. We don't make a habit of advertising our success and numerous deployments, we prefers to just rock up, do the job well, go home safe and prty very hard.

4. The Fusiliers are far larger then the two battalions. It old boys network is massive as is its reputation. It traditional recruiting areas (Northumberland, Lancashire, Wrwickshire and City of London) still pull in health numbers of recruits. However we are a nationaly recruited regiment and have a number from across the rest of the country and the commonwealth (21 nations are represented).

5. As mentioned the battalions are numbered 1st 2nd and 5th. the TA are the fifth for several reason. mainly because we used to have a 3rd and 4th battalion who where regular. When they where disbanded (4th in 1969, the 3rd in 1992 having just fought in the Gulf War {trecherous of the government to disband them after having just fought the war and lost soldiers}) This means that we can not rename the TA as the 3rd and 4th Battalions names already have presedence and hisorty as part of the field army. All of the history of those regiments does not belong to that batalion (currently shared among the 1st and 2nd for safe keeping) If the regiment ever changed it's name (god forbid) then the TA could be re-numbered as the 3rd.

6. Lastly, go and visit the 5th battalion and get them to find you some recruiters who live in your area. We can even help you to find current serving Fus who live in your area, so you can go out on the twon and get to know them. There are also many reunions and Fus gatherings in the areas. As for details from the recruiting office, the website for either battalion are get a copy of the Reginmental Journal.

Enough of me: Enjoy looking around at the regiments, explore and ask questions. You will find the regiment that works for you. Good luck.

"Once a Fusilier, always a Fusilier."


Well done son you have made a good first step in joining your new family. I can’t ad anything add any thing that hasn’t already been said apart for it must be the best Regiment because I’m in it and its great. :numberone:


Right did my BARB test a couple of weeks ago and got 81, sent of med form and now got my first interview!
I am definately gonna go for 2RRF, i understand you need to know a bit about the reg you want to join so i have been looking on the 2rrf and the fusiliers site, i was just wondering if there is any other info i might need to know thats not on the site etc?


War Hero
very-old-git said:
Shame that the 'cohort' of serving and ex serving Fusiliers have failed to mention the glorious 6 VC's before breakfast at Gallipoli awarded to the finest Fusilier Regt --The Lancashire Fusiliers !
Don't forget to mention the first two VC's of the Great War, both won by Royal Fusiliers at Mons, 23rd August 1914. Here....

The first being posthumous....

P.S. Michael Caine served as a fusilier in Korea (albeit a bloody, suffern Royal ) -- not many people know that !

One Benny Green served in WWI. He was later better known as Ben Gurion.

Monty was technically an ex-Fusilier as he was a former Warwick (we provided the Guard of Honour at his funeral).
I'm a REME punter....soon to be ex-REME. 22 Years done and WO2. Now before you all shout at once and tell me to go home I just want to say that it's my attachment to 2RRF for 2 years that turned my career round. I was a Cpl when I got there in June 96 in Celle and a Sgt when I left looking at SSgt.
The reason why? I went to Poland and Gornji Vakuf with B Coy 2RRF.
It made me realise that I had just been fortunate to serve with one of the finest Regiments around today and without doubt the finest Battalion.
I needed a posting like 2RRF. A first class CO in AW DSO MBE, a funny as f*ck Ops Offr in Eddie, The OC Drums Plt was a geordie and one of the finest officers I've ever met (REME unfortunately dont get guys as good as him.....they pick up the Sandhurst dregs). Little Tony was the CSM, Bill was OC in GV then Guy took over.
Paul the OC Milan Plt at the time was admired for his banter and repartee.
The posting was heaven.
Georgee.....i've been lucky enough to serve with some good Regiments in my time. I've only served with one truly great Infantry Regiment. Join the Fusiliers and you will always be a Fusilier. Join anyone else and when your time is up you'll be a Mr.
I did a while with 1 RRF and couldn't understand a word they said, it was like talking to a copy of Viz, fcuking good lads though.


My SQN was on a MED MAN EX in 99 with 2 RRF, and everytime we went into Battle Group HQ the SNCOs would grill us asking us why the Fusiliers wear a hackle, and more specificaly why it is red and white!find out the answer to that and they will be impressed with you and your background knowledge!


War Hero
Sorry DICKIE_OUT_AND_ABOUT not so 'join anyone else and when your time is up you'll be a mister'

Ex IDWR once a duke always a DUKE.....
Did anyone see little Tony on the channel 4 reality show 'The Salon' getting a back wax?
Is it true he's a beefeater now?
There's alot of the lads where I live now near Bury.
The best regiment in the British Army, though of course I'm biased as I've just completed 23 years in the 2nd Bn.

Always be proud of your Hackle and become part of the family, it lasts a lifetime.........


Was with 3RRF in fally in the seventies transferred into 1KOSB owing to my scottishness and need for haggi brilliant times i still raise a glas on St Georges Day even now.....enjoy

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