Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Georgee, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Recruiter has said he could get me a place with them, any serving fus's here, just looking for some actual 'serving knowledge' rather than what the website says.
    Similar to the grenadier guards post on this page i know but i would be greatful of the help.
  2. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Best infantry regiment in the Army. Not that I'm biased in any way of course. Totally impartial.

    For true info rather than the website I would suggest going and having a chat to one of the regular Fusilier staff (PSIs) at your nearest Fusilier TA unit (now slightly complicated by TA amalgamations but I'm sure someone on here can point you the right way - PtP?). Most would be happy to answer any questions.
  3. What do you want to know then?? Some of my best mates are Fusiliers. They're a good Regiment with a long and glorious history. They have two battalions, the 1st is Armoured and is based in Germany, the 2nd is a Light Role battalion based in Cyprus. They have lads from all over the country serving but you will find a lot of Geordies, Brummies and Londoners in the Regiment as they tend to recruit from the North east, midlands and London. Anything specific you would like to know, just ask. Im sure that there are others actually in the Regiment that will sort you out also. Good Luck.

    Cheers Easy!
  4. And this is a good example of how easily a very fine regiment, the Lancashire Fusiliers, can be consigned to history and their legacy forgotten. The 3rd Bn carried the banner and then.......
  5. One of my best friends is a Fusilier...the Elegant Extracts. (Apparently at one point the Royal fusiliers had an officer poaching policy which made roman abramovich look positively backward inhis talent search...)
  6. Georgee well done to you for considering the Fusiliers, a fine Regiment with excellent Officers and NCO's a glorious past and fine reputation.
    They have been in action in every corner of the earth and served with distinction, without blowing their own trumpet or belittling the efforts of other 'lesser' units. A great bunch of blokes and you would make friends for life. Go for it Good luck I envy you, You are me 20 years ago.

    ''Once a Fusilier always a fusilier''
  7. You just can't beat a nicely poached officer.....
  8. Had two brothers in 2nd Bn. When one was killed Regt said they'd stay in touch with the family and see they were ok. 15 years on and they still do - how many other Regts say that and stick to it?

    Put it this way -

    You could do a hell of a lot worse
  9. Fabulous Regiment, best Infantry one there is.

    Hope that answers that? :D

    Are you going straight to Regular, or do you fancy a 'look at life' in a TA Infantry unit first?
  10. Seconded Norm. My Dad was a Lancy and proud of it. Ned.
  11. Former world middleweight & super-middleweight boxing champ Nigel Benn was a Fusilier.
  12. So was i but you don't hear me banging on about it :thumright:
  13. Speaking from the regiments TA point of view i can say you have joined the best regiment in the British Army. i am one of the MG (Fusilier) TA Detachment of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers based in the Castle Armoury, Bury.

    Although only officially a platoon we have been very busy over the past 5 years on Operations. if you want variety and plenty of action then this regiment is the one for you.I have served once in Afghanistan and twice in Iraq over the past 5 years

    The Regiment now has 3 battalions, 2 Regular and 1 TA the newly formed 5th Battalion. they still have numerous detachments throughout the country who retain our capbadge but are attached to other regiments for administrative purposes.Another Battalion in waiting perhaps??

    Us TA have a very good relationship with our Regular brethren long may it continue. The old saying "once a Fusilier always a Fusilier" is a very apt one. we are a family regiment and are proud of it. the Association is very active and holds regular events for familes of former/serving soldiers

    all in all a bloody great regiment to join. good luck and welcome to the regiment
  14. Shame that the 'cohort' of serving and ex serving Fusiliers have failed to mention the glorious 6 VC's before breakfast at Gallipoli awarded to the finest Fusilier Regt --The Lancashire Fusiliers ! . Bury in Lancashire is the home of the LF museum, the finest black puddings ( can you say BLACK in todays PC society ? ) and biggest TAC in the world.

    P.S. Michael Caine served as a fusilier in Korea (albeit a bloody, suffern Royal ) -- not many people know that !

    P.P.S. Any one fancy a pint at the Two Tubs ?