Discussion in 'Gunners' started by PLANK, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi
    I remember when I was in the REGT had to do Infantry work as an extra.
    My question is do REGT personell work as injantry in say AFGHANISTAN ???, I know they are there in an Arty Mode. :? :?
  2. Iv asked this before in a thread called infantry role, i was basicly told that in afgan the gunners are busy being gunners whether it be in a FST or manning the gun. What iv heard in the news and read is some gunners go out on patrols to mix with the locals etc, but it seems most regiments out there are getting stuck in and aint having it easy.
  3. Regardless of the 'Gunner' roles that each regiment has, there is always the opportuntiy/ possibility that the infantry role will need to be carried out. Not to the extent of an infantry regiment, but more and more frequently Gunner soldiers are going out on the ground for various reasons, and getting caught up in it.
    Soldiering is and will always be the primary role, the secondary and tertiary roles being guns, locating, UAV, etc.
  4. I would say the reverse...

    Your main job is Gunner (UAV, tube or rocket, etc) that includes soldier skills that keep you, and your guns, save and working.

    Your secondary role is the infantry type jobs such as Cyprus, NI and other tasks.
  5. Guys not that I a fan of the RA or anything. However you may be req to deploy in in an FST , there you will be with the cmd element of the Coy. Your Inf skills need to be top notch. Sort your admin out as best you can, the Inf boys need you as much as you need them.
  6. Chocolate frog.Why oh why to you talk soooo much bollacks on soooo many topics. Shut the **** up mush you are soooo full of crap.

    Are you a serving soldier?????
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Infantillery Corps again?
  8. Possibly because I like to get rises out of people and annoy them or maybe I just get bored... who knows.

    Why is it bollacks?

    Young lofty said....
    Now, I may be wrong, but that to me indicates that YL beleieves the 'Gunner' Roles are secondary to soldiering like a Infantryman.

    I don't agree. I feel a Gunners primary role is Gunnering... this may include FST, NGFO or FOO (essentially STAP) etc with their attached high standard of soldiery.

    Roles such as the Gunners acting as Infantry (as in NI, Cyprus and beyond) are, IMHO secondary.

    This is pretty much my policy for other trades also.
  9. Well crack on with " your policy " however the rest of the army operates differently. As for young lofty well o know hill. He's an English bloke In a jock tank regent that wears a para smock . Say no more
  10. Sorry I phone grammer is pants . Lofty is an English man in a jock tank regiment. As for " your policy" you arrogant buffone , who the **** are you ?
  11. Just about makes sense to me there, I think I got it! No longer in the greys though, now a gunner myself. Para smock has gone, too :wink:

    Check PMs mate
  12. Don't tell me you are now a scummer gunner lofty
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  14. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

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  15. I hope I have NOT started a Unit Squabble now !!! :? :?