Royal protection officer caps off a round

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. Queen's top bodyguard suspended for firing shot in palace

    Chief Superintendent Ian Boyes was cleaning his loaded gun when it went off inside Holyroodhouse, the monarch?s official residence in Edinburgh.

    Chief Superintendent Ian Boyes was cleaning his loaded gun when it went off inside Holyroodhouse, the monarch’s official residence in Edinburgh.

    The accident occurred on September 16, just hours before the Pope arrived to meet the Queen. It is not known if Her Majesty was inside the palace when the shot was fired.

    Cleaning a LOADED weapon?

    SAS trained?

    Oh, my!
  2. Royal bodyguards favour the Austrian Glock 19, calibre 9 mm, which is relatively easy to use but has limited safety features.

    Limited safety features........That tells a story!
  3. Limited?
    There is no safety except not pulling the trigger...
  4. I used a Glock 17 for some time and I never ever cleaned it while loaded. If the 19 is anything like the 17 then there are vertually no safety features except a bar which runs through the middle of the trigger (this is supposed to prevent the trigger catching and being pulled) there is no thumb safety and it is supposed to be safe if dropped but I never gave that one a try.
  5. There are three safety features. Trigger, drop and firing pin. They all work very well but can be easily overcome with the application of biffness.
  6. Anyone order a groundhog?
  7. Aren't revolvers supposed to be more moron-resistant than autos?
  8. Yes revolvers are good but the turny bit that holds the pointy bits can get clogged up with donut debris.
  9. So no bang-bang? That bad. If no bang-bang, hit chav on head with gun. Chav fall down and cry. Ha ha! Hate chav. Hate Yank more. Kill Yank.
  10. Think you need to see a trick cyclist!
  11. Ha ha, done that! Shat in hand, threw it at her! Good shot. No more talk, no more ink blots! Nice shape on wall! Ha ha ha!
  12. MEDS NOW!!!!!! Or I will get the nurse.
  13. Me like nurse, piss on her stock-ings. Make pud-dle in shoe! Ha ha!
  14. Can nurse Ratchet please fire up the electric shock machine please?

    Bubbles is playing up again.....